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Crafting Blue Vessels

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I've been getting lots of questions from players and/or messages from my guild mates about people asking about vessels in General Chat in game.  I am currently handling necromancy for HoA, a very well-established CF guild.  I am willing to craft vessels for out of guild players for 25 chaos embers.  These will be fully re-rolled blue vessels made with a fully geared & leveled necromancer with a leadership bot and all the tricks our crafting core has learned to optimize the outcome.  I will, at my discretion, use extra additives I have available.  Or you are free to provide your own and I will incorporate them for free.  I can also craft epic and legendary vessels and/or add a philo stone, for an additional ember charge.

Feel free to contact me on discord at Prea#3409, join HoA's discord channel (see the guild recruitment forum for info), or ask in game in General Chat (may be hit or miss).  Cheers.

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I am interested, I have requested a friend invite on Discord, and am currently standing in front of your Elkin in Joveth lol. I would like a Minotaur please with the added philo stone, I have some additives to add to the mix too.


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