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[NA] Utopia42 - Change humanity, be better


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Purpose/vision/mission - We believe that we can create a community of meditators who's recreational activity is video games. Through those shared connections of playing video games we can demonstrate our mindfulness skills, learn from each other, and build a cohesive and positive digital community. We work to spread the skills of meditation and mindfulness through our actions, speech and behavior as we play video games, and utilize civil discourse to work through difficult situations as they arise.

Code of Conduct
The Utopia42 Code of Conduct is the conduct that is expected from every participating member of Utopia42. It is agreed to as a part of your inclusion in Utopia42 and is reflective of every
gaming community within Utopia42.  Not only is it a guideline for member conduct, it is also a statement about what kind of gamers we are, and who we're looking for. This includes zero tolerance for hacking, or any other malicious game modding.

All members agree to the Code of Conduct prior to enrollment, and are expected to uphold the code at all times. Our code ensures that our members conduct themselves respectfully.
Violation of the Code of Conduct will result in removal from Utopia42.

  1. Strive to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner 
    1. Do not accuse other players/clans of hacking or tell them they suck. Do not talk trash when winning or losing. Do not TK on purpose. If you hate it being done to you, don't do it to others
  2. Offer help to anyone who seeks it, if it is possible
    1. Never be too busy to help another member with an issue they have. Don't condemn others for not knowing what you know. If you know how to fix a problem, do not tell them to go find someone else because you don't want to be bothered.
  3. Project a positive image of yourself and Utopia42 to others
    1. Similar to #1. Don't call people hackers. Don't say "you suck". Don't freak out about not being backed up by your squad members or team. People judge an entire group based on the actions of what ONE person does. If you are being obnoxious, those pubs assume all of Utopia42 is obnoxious.
  4. Put the needs of the community first, above personal goals
    1. If we need people for practice, or to help in an event, or help with a special task, stop playing and come help us. If we need help figuring something out for combo moves or a new weapon or unusual uses for game equipment, stop playing and help us. Utopia42 benefits from everyone being a part of what we do here.
  5. Support other members of Utopia42
    1. If someone isn't up to par with equipment or knowledge, help them. Don't just let them continue to get slaughtered. Extend any knowledge of anything you are aware of to your fellow members. That helps all of us when it comes time to back each other up in our community.
  6. Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s) privately and then with a Utopia42 leader
    1. If someone is annoying you or you don't agree with what someone did or how they are acting, let them know. They can't correct things if they don't know what they are doing wrong. Do not yell at them in a Discord room full of other people.  Be tactful and respectful. Ask them to join another channel or use the Discord messaging function to inform that person of what is going on and how to possibly fix it. If the situation escalates into something that it shouldn't, SIGN OFF Discord. Take a breather. Don't let something stupid get 2 members kicked from Utopia42. Work it out peacefully.
  7. Remind other Utopia42 members of expected conduct in a tactful, non- threatening way, and if possible, in private
    1. Avoid slander, accusations, vulgarity, etc when communicating with other Utopia42 members.
  8. Promote fellowship within the game community
    1. Be respectful to other corps and alliances, offer assistance. If you notice someone that doesn't know how to use a weapon or similar piece of equipment, help them out. Don't just write them off as idiots. Today's "other person" is tomorrow's enrolled Utopia42 member. Without them, we limit ourselves. Help them and they will join a helpful community. This in turn helps Utopia42 grow. Antagonize other corps and alliances and risk getting us attacked by them and disrupting our organization. Don't pick a fight unless it's necessary.
  9. Do not condemn or humiliate other community members
    1. If you treat other people this way Utopia42 isn't the right place for you.
  10. Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship
    1. Don't gripe about people looting instead of helping with the obj. Don't call people hackers. Don't tell other players they suck because they aren't as good as you.  Simply say GG, tell someone they did a good job, or don't say anything at all
  11. No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences in the gaming communities. If you want to discuss those there are specific topic areas for that.
    1. It is never okay to comment or joke about a members race, religion, or sexual preference. These topics will cause conflict. This goes for voice, messages, comments or also forum posts. Please remember that Utopia42 is a large community consisting of all sorts of people with many differing beliefs.  Do NOT go into a group, mission or operation to make other people rage quit.
    2. Do NOT troll the players who join our squads in any way, shape or form. Don't do it in one that you join.
    3. Do NOT feed a flame troll. Just let them babble into the void and they'll wear themselves out.  Replying is the fuel that keeps them going.
    4. Do NOT be disrespectful in game chat. You can speak up for yourself, just keep it classy.  Engage flamers with witty and clever responses.

Discord - https://discord.gg/q9prRCT

Website - https://www.utopia42.com

Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Utopia42

Chiirp - https://t.me/utopia42

Concept/trailer video -




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Great Mindset.

It won't be easy as most people are looking for the path of least resistance but once you get a few people with this mind set - they are the gold mine of your online time.

Good luck with this project! ❤️


Gen. Prom
Guild Leader of KDS
Recruitment Post - Guild Recruiting and Management - #warstory
Visit us at www.kdsguild.ro


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Thank you for the feedback! 

For me it's about the people we hang out with.  We become like those we hang out with, we can either spend them with people that build us up, or...  well, toxic gaming communities.  My intent is to build a community of people who choose to do better.  🙂

Once the game goes beta (or live) it's going to be easier to lure gamers from other games in.

Our main community is the largest discord meditation and mindfulness server on the globe, and we are the group of gamers that are interested in building that community first in Crowfall and eventually through other games.



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