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ACE ever weighed in on Vidicator Holy Warrior Slash talent?

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So, the Vindicator spec has a talent that adds 30% slashing damage bonus (default cap btw) when activating Holy Warrior.

But here is the thing, and yes I know for vets this is known, but I am checking in on this. So, when you activate Holy Warrior its default activity is to convert all damage to Holy Damage, which can't be mitigated.

So, does this talented Holy Warrior boost your slashing damage by 30% and then convert to Holy damage, or is it the other way around and the 30 slashing dmg bonus is lost to the void?

I know a lot of vets believe it is the not optimal version, but has ACE ever acknowledged this and weighed in on the behavior?

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I don't think the devs ever acknowledged this but I would expect major changes after the Dregs lands.  The whole vindicator line is a hotmess of questionable talents.

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