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Idea: Reverse Crafting Lookup

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As a new player, I would love to right-click on an object or crafting resource and choose a "See Recipies..." option that lets me see what I can do with this new resource I just picked up.  Right click on "slag" and have it say "this is a basic ore" and then "basic ores are usable in..." then "- metal belt buckle",  "-metal nails", etc.

In the case of an object, there could also be a "See Ingredients..." option to break down how to go about crafting this object by showing a tree with all the resources you'll need and the steps you'd need to take to craft it.

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I had something similar in mind, or even something like "recipe book", where you click the name and directly redirects you to the "recipe" for that component (+ icons of the ingredients). I got confused while trying to craft my first armor piece.
Sorta like a cheklist for a specific crafteable item? Anyway I'm still trying ti get used to it.

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