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How Crowfall Can Learn from Firefall

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I was a HUGE fan of Firefall.  I thought it had an interesting premise and tons of ways to explore and enjoy yourself.  I feel like this game is on a similar path and would like to point out three things about Firefall that would really fit in well with Crowfall.

1) Gliders.  I absolutely LOVED gliding from one end of the board to the other using jump pads and gliders.  The idea that you could coast the ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE MAP without ever touching ground to get an achievement or race to a grouop event was a blast.

2) Random Events.  Occasionally, a small army of enemies would spawn in one place and draw the players in the area together.  I think "rift events" would work well in Crowfall.  Obviously, PVE needs no explanation, but PVP could also be interesting if an NPC army suddenly invaded just as a major battle was getting underway.

3) Miners.  Firefall had this mechanic where you would drop down a mining apparatus in a desirable area and it would do all the mining for you then reward you with the goods at the end in one big bundle.  But there was a catch.  Because the miner "disturbed" the local wildlife, dozens of creatures would swarm to attack it and anyone else in the area.  So you had to guard the device.  These miners were audible from a significant distance away, so they also gathered together others in the area to help defend and share in the wealth.

My thoughts.  I miss that game. - Mayhem.

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Beside from 100% P2W, the game was cool....for PvE and boring after 3days of doing the same events over and over again^^

CF is focused hardly on PvP and the PvE content is just there for the early game leveling and gearing and will hopefully never play a big role. You still need to kill wartribes for additive and maybe gold for siegeweapons, but ppl will prolly also have stockpiled that after a few days of early game. 

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If you didn't know, the original creative director of Firefall, Mark Kern, is creating a spiritual successor to Firefall called Em-8er which is currently being crowdfunded on their website. I suggest you check it out if you loved what made Firefall great.

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