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Suggstion: Thermal Vents and Hang Gliders

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I mentioned this briefly in another post, but I really think this game could benefit from portable hang gliders that you could take with you and deploy from high areas to travel great distances.  Along the way, if there were thermal updrafts (maybe from the campfires), you could boost yourself back into the air.  Of course, Fae wouldn't need such things since they have the wings.  Just a thought.

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To expand on what Oneply offered, the games that do offer this feature are doing so because getting between point A and B is somewhat trivial, or the content between those points is not as important to the developers as the activities that await at said destination. In Crowfall the world is not trivial, it's brutal and you traverse it at your own peril. At some point when we have caravans online it will be clear what the designs around travel have to take into consideration.

For those that really want to glide around (where applicable) the choice is simple, just play as Fae!

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I also think, as a 25+ year software engineer veteran, that the more features, the better. As a programmer, I literally can make *everyone* happy. I never listen to people who tell me to not code something that someone else wants. I can always find a way to code it where all people get what they want.

Who cares why other games do it, do it our way.

Ultimately, it all boils down to time management and budgets though. For this I recommend allowing the software engineers the liberty to pick and chose the features to implement, because they understand the concepts of "low hanging fruit" and "development roadmaps", and the cost involved, better than anyone else. Marketing departments always custard this process up, which kills development cycles and costs so much money its stupid.

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