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Crowfall featured on HBO’s Silicon Valley

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Finally the official announcement. 👍

And let it be known that our community member @Herithius reportet it very shortly after the release of the new Silicon Valley trailer (which also included this Crowfall scene) and which you can both find in his original post here.
Man, we are so damn fast with finding things... ;)

I need to say (repeat), I really love love love it!!!

It's so awesome to see Crowfall within such a great television series.

... it's also sad to learn that the pizza ordering stuff probably won't happen ... at least not at launch (so, there's still hope for the future, right? I mean ... we already saw how it could work, right? RIGHT?!!!).



1 hour ago, Staff said:

who were the community members who took part?

If you need to ask, you are not one of them. ;)😛

Edited by Kraahk

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