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Social Window Suggestion!

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Hi everyone, 

This is a suggestion related to what J Todd said in the last Q&A since he said that crowfall could be played individually but that it was much more fun with your friends, I don't know if he said it to sell more I say clearly he said it for that but At the moment nobody says that this is wrong.

To be honest I thought about this suggestion a few years ago because we were in an early development of crowfall I thought I would only waste time. Yesterday seeing the Q&A of November I thought just the opposite that it would be a waste of time not to try to show my point of view about what I think any mmo needs but above all one that is based solely and exclusively on the interaction of players linked in a certain way by Factions such as Crowfall.

I will start by commenting on what my idea is and then I will go into details as examples of how I would try to do it.

The main idea is based on being able to share with other players certain actions which I am doing in the game either of pvp type crafting farming or leveling in order that other players through these can see from what my intention is as with the possibility that from that same information window they can join my group if it is an open group or simply by way of exchanging information between different groups in the same faction. Take the case that I decide that I am going to capture a specific point, whatever the magnitude that is alone or accompanied and I am interested that my faction knows where I am going and with who I am going or how many we are and also have the option of Talk to me whispering to join if my group is closed by invitation only or directly open to anyone.

It is something similar to a news post of the faction and campaign in which you are in which all of us who are part as allies of the faction can communicate show intentions needs and ultimately a window of interaction between players on different topics and actions. all this serves so that the use of discord with a preformed group in which we communicate all kinds of things does not depend 100% and the rest of the players that are in the campaign gives the feeling that they could be perfectly from another faction only that You can't kill them.

To put a simile would be like the looking for group of world of warcraft which is criticized because it reduces the interaction between the players and is used to complete content without a word, but I think that this in crowfall would be very different and despite everything not It is a bad thing, just put the tools so that in the same game anyone can find people with their same interests and be able to advance in a better way in a campaign that I remember that the main intention of the game is not based on a guild vs guild but on a system of factions then to integrate people dispersed in several groups or individual players to socialize trade and others but focused on the campaign in which you are playing.

I would also suggest that we could see our faction allies on the map without belonging to their group but only on the map where you are not in the whole campaign so you would avoid spying on other factions with secondary accounts and other forms of scouting.

Also a pop-up on the map that will mark when 1 enemy dies because of an ally.

Finally I believe that all this that I am suggesting for a game like crowfall that is like a battlefield of world of warcraft permanently, does not have as much a need to bring together a certain number of people as 40 to carry out a pve content like ragnaros or onyxia. It is something different and if you want the game to be healthy in competitive groups of different sizes and nationalities, put the tools so that they can communicate and advance on their own, not only by joining a guild for the number of people and ease of obtaining rewards or progress in the game.

I hope I have expressed myself clearly and ill be here to talk about this with you all.

PS: This comment is written in my Spanish native language and translated with google with minimal supervision on my part since it is very long and I do not have the pleasure of wasting so much time in translating it completely by myself.

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