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Long time listener. First Time caller.[New Player]


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Hey, I'm Lumenation. 


I'm older. I'm married.  I have kids. I still find time to play video games. 

My Likes: 

Being Strategically Aggressive in Large Battles

Feeling like I am contributing

Pretty Colors(pinks with floral notes)

Good conversation

My beard


My Dislikes:

Open Mics and eating





What I'm Looking For: People to play with. I've figured out the game from guides my 25+ years of playing games and guides. I've assisted a few players in their learning and made friends. Looking to just get deeper in a game I feel has potential for a long amount of play time. 


Synopsis: If you feel your group or guild fits this style please reach out to me. Let me know how I can assist you if you are a new player. Let me know if you would like to talk more about the game or assist in anyway. 

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Facerolled some word originally.
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