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Hi everyone.  Was told its a good idea to introduce myself.  So here I am :>.  Also I've played swtor, gw2, stuff like that.  I do have depression which can make me unskilled in pvp.  However I wanted to do pvp in this game.  I have only done WOW pvp.  As the ping to my country Australia is good from WoW.  Okay, still I wana play this game seems kinda cool and easy/fun to play.  I am looking for a guild if anyone can point me in the right direction or have any offers to recruit lil ol me that would be great.  Im currently level 11 centaur knight.  Made just some leather armor for myself at about level 6.  Also I watched a vid on crowfall on youtube.  She said to choose combat no 1 and explorer no 2 for harvesting.  So that's what I chose.  Im mainly looking for people to play with, team up and do some stuff. Gather or help you out if I can.  Or atleast get to a place where I can help others out in a guild environment.  I don't really wana use discord though.  I find it intereferes with the sound of the game.  As my friend on steam knows how I feel about discord lol.  That's why I just wana keep to simple stuff I can do with others without discrud.  That's my only gripe.  I know there an oceanic guild southern sky company but I read on the guild page they use discrud too so I didn't wana apply and then have to leave because of that.  Also im interested in well behaved guild that wont talk nonsense.  So something mature.  I hope to see you all out there and can enjoy the fun together be it opposite side or same side. :>

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