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Mage Assassin

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28 minutes ago, VaMei said:

For those of us that didn't play SB, what's a mage assassin & how does it play out?




The Assassin's varied kit allows the class access to a variety of builds with focuses on different spells. While Shadow Mantle is often the key spell in their arsenal, Assassins can be built to thrive in different PvP environment, with damage and support being their best roles. The choice of playstyle starts right from creation, when you pick your base class, as Rogue Assassins and Mage Assassins play very differently.


  • Shadow Bolt is your bread and butter spell on a damage-based Mage Assassin and Steal Breath allows you to kite very effectively.
  • Support-based Mage Assassins revolve around keeping Shadow Mantle on a targeted enemy during a fight. Shadow Mantle is placed very far to the right on the effects bar so, with the plethora of Assassin and Mage debuffs, key moments of a fight are often spent trying to keep a debuff in front the Shadow Mantle effect so a Dispel Debuff spell doesn't remove Shadow Mantle.
  • Though Mage defensive stance gives good spell resistances, Mage Assassins are light on defensive options so beware not to let someone get the jump on you!


  • The power rank 40 backstabs are a tremendous boon to your burst damage. Due to the nature of the powers, you activate Backstab first and then cast one of its poison variants you can execute a double backstab!
  • Dodge is the best passive defense in the game, so it is recommended to put at least some training in it; however, high defense is often the primary damage mitigation method for Rogue-based prestige classes.
  • Rogue Assassins are very tight on training points, so have a clear vision of what powers and focus lines are necessary in which to invest heavily.


Blazzen <Lords of Death>

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SB Mage Assasins were basically a Turret that popped from stealth...... dumped all their mana(shadowbolt) and then vanished again.

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