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Updated Realistic Weather

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I think it would be cool is weather was more realistic, as in there were light rains, and heavy rains, and even floods, which made travel difficult (slow) or impossible. 

Same for snow. Making it pile up 1", 2"... 12", etc. 

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This is really "far out" but what if the map was synced to the actual earth, and weather was not random weather, but the actual real time weather of earth. Earth, at any given moment, has all 4 seasons occurring, so at any point in a campaign, you can poll an API for the most realistic weather patterns required.

I think it would be an added element to PVP that would be fun. "Damn, we cant go to the fort this way, there is a blizzard, we have to go through that 1 pass" or "Damn, we were late to defend the fort, now a flood blocks our pass, we will never make it in time, arrrgg!". "Crap, a blizzard, I cant even see the nodes now, I can barely see trees"

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