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Why do resources go flying?

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It really doesn't make any sense to me why this happens. It's a frustrating experience for me and I would much rather resources just go in my inventory, or at the very least just fall directly below the object instead of flying 15 feet away.

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17 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

So you can see what resources you've mined/skinned/etc Otherwise you'd have to check your inventory window everytime.

This makes no sense though. I've played tons of sandbox crafting games and I've never had an issue once with not knowing what I received. It's the same exact system except with a tedious step inbetween. It should just pop up saying you gathered X amount of X item. 

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There is something satisfying when a node blows up and you get that purple/orange rain :P 

They've actually addressed this before and said that it's to make it harder to "bot" harvest. They even talked about a "vacuum" mechanic to suck all the doobers up so you don't have to run around and collect them but decided not to. 

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I'm hoping we can go back to seeing and stealing enemy resource doobers with the Dregs ruleset.

It made sense to remove that for Factions, but not for the Dregs where you can kill people who steal your resources.


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^  This...   also so that you can have a dedicated looter/stealther grab the doobers and in GvG campaigns, (not faction play) anyone can loot them even outside of group...   free loot of doobers was changed because in factions you cannot kill someone stealing your doobers.



                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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