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Damage Calculation, anyone figured it out?

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Has anyone figured out how damage is calculated. So we can figure out certain min/max upgrades. I started to do some basic testing and I think it is:

Weapon Equipped damage range: ex; 71 to 95

Attack Power ex; 910 and 10%=91

Damage Bonus ex; 20

Think it is weapon range, +10% of attack power, + damage bonus= weapon damage

so say weapon damage lowest is 71, it will be 71+91+20=182

Then looking at skill, might say it does 60 to 90 + 75% weapon dmg.

so it would be 60 to 90 + 75% of weapon dmg (136), so this basic attack would hit for 196 to 226, using the low end of weapon's base damage 71.

That is before plus crushing, fire, piercing damage, and not counting for resists. Just a crude calculation, and still half asleep haven't had caffeine yet.

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