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Confirmed Pay To Win

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All Nekrage does is rage, and I fail to see how this effects your skill in PvP, oh that's right it doesn't...

It's not pay to win but I guess if you think vanity and FarmVille buildings are winning, then adios idiot


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Just because they're kings or queens who paid 1k dollars does not mean you cannot destroy it and take from them. It actually will be a pleasure taking lands from those who paid large amount of money


You can't.  They can turn off PvP.  The guy does kind of have a point.  Pay 2 win does seem to be seeping in, while consequence is getting neutered.  I'm not going to ragequit like him, but if everyone just bashes any dissenting opinion, it does kind of remove any chance of convincing them that some of their ideas really are not the greatest. 


1)  EK will basically be useless because it's fully pay2win/players can lock out others/early bird automatically is set forever (pay extra for tax free areas).  So who cares about EK, there's no longer any point in talking about it.


2)  It's been confirmed that leveling will be slow as nuts if you do it actively to stop macroing, and you have to passive train (and guess what, that's pay2win).


3)  Campaigns are basically "shadowbane reduced to a sport".  This is a concept that a lot of SBers don't really even quite comprehend, or realize it's why they loved the game (I doubt many loved it, and played it for years, just because of its dated combat system, random lore stuff, or totally lovable community).  It was the inherent permanence of your choice.  It's something that can only happen in a war game; not a sport.  SB was a war game - you make a mistake and your guild can be permanently (not your character), removed from the map.  Sure, it had some issues - but totally scrapping the war aspect and replacing it with a reset n' go sport variant was not really a great solution.  Consequence goes from permanent to a slap on the wrist.  


It's very easy to get caught up in a hype train, but when the dust settles, and the fan bois declare victory and move on to a new hot game 2 months in - is there going to be enough meat to keep people playing it for years like shadowbane (which was plagued by technical issues on top of it all)?  Remember, shadowbane was mostly player created content, because the players were in complete control.  Crowfall is stepping up to be about developer created content (new worlds, new campaigns, new rulesets!!!).  These types of games inherently peter out quickly.

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Go get a Snoop Jobby Job then!!


Sapphire Patron here!!


one year at 15 bucks a month is 180 dollars anyway....


Best $425 bucks I spent IM0  ( got the early bird special)


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Confirmed pay to win just by looking at their kickstarter rewards.


+ 80 bonus tax-free parcels for your personal Kingdom (160 total), starting title King/Queen 

+ Upgrade (to Imperial Palace) your personal Kingdom's exclusive Kickstarter stronghold 

+ 1 Additional Manor for your personal Kingdom (3 total) 



Multiple tiers of the kickstarter campaign have crap like this. In addition to the kickstarter pay to win they are including a cash shop?


No thanks, goodbye crapfall.



Attempting to make a valid point that goes against the homeland in which you are speaking will net you nothing but hate.



  • VIP members can use passive training for all 3 character slots (not just 1)



People don't learn from the past. I was defending ArcheAge up and down until they pulled a fast one and screwed everyone right in their fkn wallets. The difference between you idiots and me? I learned from the past. I don't trust a damn thing mmo game devs say anymore. My favorite Trion fk up is still "We never said anything about a 10% marketplace discount". Screenshots are there to prove it and they still deny it and still get away with it. Down with greedy mmo devs.

All of the mains are going to be on same level? DO people really care it so much when they give advantage to alts? Seriously? Are you from an enemy company or something?

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Honestly, we DON'T know what Eternal Kingdoms will provide us.  What does having a castle give us.  The Cathedral?  The other buildings?  We just don't know what other passive buffs we will get for having the lands.


Why would someone buy the $10,000 kickstart?  Rarely it's a single person.  It's likely guilds.  Who will use that land to get a jump on the game.  


You pay no rent, much like another game (Curse you LTI ! )  and you can draw taxes from the use of that land and it's NPCs i.e. vendors.  


Why would someone visit YOUR kingdom?  I don't know, that is for these guys to figure out.


Is it pay to win?  

I think that judging a game's PTW status by the kickstarter is a bit premature.  Most of the time, kickstarter bonuses give nice to have "skins" to allow backers to show off they had vision.  The fact that we get free land and buildings.... just means a one time free land and building.


Pay to Win implies that the best items are found only in the cash shop.  Right now, no cash shop.  Will there be?  Of course.  But the Kickstarter, PTW?  Come on dude.  Come on. 

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Worst thing about ArcheAge is when you change up your classes there are no quests to do to level up again....because you've already done them all! The only thing I hate about CrowFall so far is the bump on classes, instead of having a proper warrior who can use a real arsenal of weapons you have to pump points into a skill tree thus you can only go 2h or 2x1h it's stuff like this which I hope gamers will ask for a rethink on those designs.

-Truthe Yashikawa

The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild.  Welcome Home.


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Unfortunately, the OP is mistaken. Many have tried to explain the facts, but to no avail. Posting just to bash the project with false assumptions could be considered posting with negative intent, but we'll just assume that there was some communication reception issues here. Not much left to discuss in this topic, so closing this thread.

Edited by Conspiracy Theorist

It is my duty to cleanse this land of the unworthy. It is my goal to make this world burn. Your tainted flesh shall kindle the flames.


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