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Crowfall January Developer Q&A - THE BIG TEASE!


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This developer Q&A was a bit of a tease. They flat out said that they are not telling us much of the stuff we were hoping to hear about and saving those details for future marketing materials. However we still got to see a few cool things and get developer perspective on how things are going and their thought process.

There wasn't a ton to edit out of this one. We actually did get a lot of new information and perspective. Just not on the big ticket items we were hoping for but I guess that's marketing.¬†ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

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Not my expertise, so i can only have a personal feeling...

Atm. I feel like marketing is more relevant than (investors/backers) active testers. I am pretty sure some well placed articles and "massive reveals" will attract people to this game. But I play this game because of a friend who told me about the game. Not sure what is more worth in a close to alpha state, the words spreaded by the community or some articles on websites. In the end a new interested player, attracted by an article or the community, will come to the community and get the feelings of the community. I am not disappointed by the missing details, I shouldn¬īt be dissapointed at all, as i am not one of "those who earned the Monthly Q&A with ACE backer reward". So in the end I should be pleased with what we have got.¬†

But for me it feels like a kind of deal... "we want to create this game for you and with you". So I invested a small amount compared to others to see a pre-alpha state and help in the development by giving ideas and feedback to the current version. Some of those ideas will be heared and mybe get an agreement, others will be wasted lifetime. So in the end it is a trade, I get sth to test and give feedback.

The only important thing for me atm is not what I get exactly to test, but when. Over a year ago Pann said in a Q&A that she is surprised that people are actually planning their lives after the game. Well yes some of us do. I do. So for me it is just about not knowing when to come back to the game. ACE decided or needed to change their milestones, 5.9 was once announced as the last built before alpha, now we are waiting for 5.110? If other gamers ask me atm about crowfall I am way not that hyped than I was a year ago and I say that it is promising, but not there yet. And the transparency I fell in love with @ACE seems to be gone for the sake of marketing. Sure they need to plan for a future, but not even giving an educated guess about a timeline leaves me with a need to "Escape from T....."

Pretty sure all our complaining won¬īt change the marketing strategy, so in the end we will have to wait. Sure there would be a better way.

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23 hours ago, mystafyi said:

This is simply not true. The vast majority of info given was almost a copy/paste from previous streams. 

Not only was most of it older information, it was a miles-high view of old information.  I honestly wouldn't be as miffed about it if there was a more comprehensive review of previous Q/As instead of the sales pitch; at least those who don't always watch the Q/As could get a more comprehensive refresher prior to 5.110 launch.  Really hoping that this guarding of information is pertinent to this milestone only and the advertising they are talking about is advertising to invite for Beta.  If they are saying that information will be scarce until launch to production then they will have a straight up forum riot on there hands and I'd imagine there would be an exodus of more seasoned play testers, at least temporarily if not permanently.  I doubt I'll leave, but that's because I'm a glutton for pain like that and can already see that this game will fit my style and schedule better than any other MMO out there (and as my guild can attest I am not a particularly seasoned player, my investment in ACE is minimal, and I am not a streamer or die-hard game theorist and have no influence with the player base, so who cares what I do).

I have tried to be stoic and constantly remind everyone that this is a test environment and to have patience and not judge the game by the current state, but I have limits too and am starting to get a bit surly for fighting ACE's fight on the forums while they remain silent.

@Pann I'm not sure if it was a business decision made owing to the feature freeze or some such ("stop bothering me about that as it is old news!"), if the community management team is simply short handed or some combination thereof, but can you comment on when, if at all, prior to launch we would see more of an ACE presence in the forums to help field questions, or at the very least to help manage expectations?  I know there is likely 8 gagillion things on everyone's plate over there and I really don't mean to be overly critical, it's just that there is a pervasive mood on these forums and it is not exactly positive of late, and I think that more of a presence from ACE would at least help people feel that they are not being ignored, even if you can't answer their questions...  Thanks in advance :)

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