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Backers and their friends

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You can currently give them a code to use that gives them a 20% discount. You should have gotten an email about it.

If they want to play for free, have them create an account on this site. When beta starts, they will begin inviting people in waves. It will likely be based on join date, so your friends will be at the end of the line, but they will get in without having to spend money first.

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2 hours ago, dajjal said:

any chance we who backed the game might get some beta keys for friends that we have failed to convince to drop 50$.


Welcome back to the forums.

The eMail, mentioned by Arkade, should have been sent between december 20th and january 8th (from "The Crowfall Team" / support@crowfall.com) .. if you did opt in for Crowfall eMail news. The code links look like this: https://crowfall.com/code/CROW-KRAAHK-19

So if you didn't get one, you may to try using it with your account name. Maybe it works anyways. They provide a 20% discount on game bundles (10% more than most other discounts) and are valid until January 13th. If it doesn't work, feel free just use one of the available codes from other people (like mine).

If you miss it, there is still the opportunity to use affiliate links, like those from Rufio, or to join a guild before buying a game bundle (one-time 10% discount).

And of course anybody with an account on crowfall.com (up to a certain (not yet known) date) will be invited to the free (but not open) beta. They won't be able to play the game after launch unless they buy it though.

Have fun, good luck

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Thanks for the replies! I did receive a code for 20% off and I did my part and handed it out. I was looking for some extra love as backers. 

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