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Fighting with a handicap

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After an intesive siege window on Jolmandar EU, (shoutouts @Alekzak and Co.) Nordic Marauders went roaming and met one of crowfall newest guilds "IDLE EMPIRE".

Since we met@TerraKill and his firends already a few times,(check out twitch.tv/terrakill) we offered them a sparring chance with an handicap on our side.

Enjoy watching:



Its a plesure to see all this new players enjoying the game.


See you soon.

Edited by Kunter84

[-NM-] Nordic Marauders

the active german Guild

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Tonight was good fun, really enjoying the game!
Thanks for being sutch honorable players and for all the advise you've been giving, the community here has been so welcoming and helpful!

Even getting pwned was a fun experience lol.
We still got a long way to go but were learning fast, it wont be long untill we can give you a real challange :)

looking forward to many more encounters with you!

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