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Question about trusted traders

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Only way is through Trusted Trader program. From the FAQ:



The Trusted Trader program is a means to officially allow a restricted set of real-money transactions — namely items and backer packs that we have retired from our store — on a secondary market. This gives backers an approved place to buy and sell certain Crowfall goods.

Currently, we have two approved Trusted Trader service providers: Anshex and Markee Dragon.

The companies we will include in this program will be organizations that we have vetted and trust to complete any transaction done with a Crowfall customer. If we ever see a pattern of transaction issues or complaints, we will investigate and, if necessary, kick that company out of the program.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, it is not permissible for anyone to use our forums to solicit for the buying, selling, or trading of backer packs or items. This includes linking to sites that offer third party-sales and trading – and that includes Trusted Traders. Trusted Traders will be listed on our site so that they are easy to find, but they will not be permitted to advertise on our forums or in the game.



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