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Friend? Where are you...

A friend list could mean less player kill (PK) options...  

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  1. 1. Do we need a list of friends?

    • Yes! I wanna add all the mastercrafters and cook for them
    • No thanks. Guild is all I need!

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Crowfall needs to add a friend list function. Throughout the adventures of grinding, crafting and holding down the fort with factions there will be many experiences where we want to remember a player and even be remembered by players.

In combat where someone saves you from rough pve mobs

In combat when a stealth enemy jumps you

A master craftsman that can make the best jewellery 


I suggest it goes under one "Social" tab along with guild list, faction list, PK list, player vendors etc

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There was a friends list in the game before. I remember it in 5.5 and 5.6. It was very poorly made socksty at the time and no one used it. Most of your suggestions so far seem to be stuff they are already implementing in next patch or have talked about implementing in Q & As. I dont remember if they said they were bringing back the friendslist but im sure they will.

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Yes a friends list, WITH ability to add text notes of profession/class role identifier.

I would also go so far to say even a player selectable "mouse over player Text Tag" or an easy open window that lists a players mastered skills. - Some sort of quick examine feature to show other players your mastery skills or services you want to offer to fellow faction players/guildmates.
(so then players could send a quick instant message for a specialized service)

I could see this very helpful, in and even out of guilds. A faction campaign player could easily ask randoms for a special crafting item(picks/potions/crafted food) or place a crafting order for armor/weapons for them to work on for trade, or a request to fill a group combat role for quick venturing out of keep missions. (Guild leader, Healer, Swift Bard, Scout)

...Another helpful tag identifier would be for player vendors - with a player selectable identifier tag to show what main category type items are placed within them when others walk past your vendor.

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