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Backer Pack Items

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I purchased this game back in 2018 and never had a chance to play it. I actually almost forgot I had access to the game even though at the time of purchase I was super excited about it. Last week, I watched a “Best MMO Games of 2020” YouTube video and saw Crowfall on there. I remembered I had the game and finally have started playing. I purchased a Backer Pack back when I bought the game and have a question about the in-game items:

I see my backer pack in my rewards, should I consume the items while the game is in Alpha? When the game gets to Beta or officially released will my in-game items (mounts, buildings) be erased or lost? Thanks for the help in advance.solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ 

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You don't need to consume the backer pack. You can access your stuff via the Purchases menu option in the lobby. Anything you take out of the Purchases will go into your vault, and then you can transfer them from your vault to your inventory while in your EK.

As Farvann said, whenever there is a wipe, your purchases get reset and will be available again in the Purchases menu.

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