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Hey there,

I am currently downloading the game, I have been following it since it was announced and saw it was pretty close to actually being launched to the public. I love being part of betas. =)

I understand that the game is largely based on being in a strong guild, and I just wanted to reach out to see if any were taking on noobs? Also any pointers would be great too. I am about to read the article that the devs put up on how to play the game when you first start and I have been watching youtube videos we well. 

See you in game. 

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Check out the Guild Recruiting forum here:


Guild membership is currently handled through the website:


There are no in-game guild tools yet, other than guild chat and guild crests. That should change with the upcoming patch, as the Dregs (guild vs guild) ruleset will be added.

Here are some other resources that may help:




Good luck, and if you have questions, feel free to ask.

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