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Looking for guild!

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Game name: DarknessAngel

Discord: DarknessAngel#4295

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA EST KY
  • Atmosphere: Looking for guild thats active from 10pm-1am est and later on weekends
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Relaxed setting, that can be hardcore at times during pvp sessions to keep organization.
  • Size: Any, but more comforatable in a guild where everyone knows each other, usually small to medium.
  • Play-Style: Guild/group orientated, i get bored solo, so i'm usually rolling with a group most the time having fun.
  • Commitment: If theres alot of friendliness in discord, and i'm with active guild members in groups, i get strongly commited.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm 37, I do have a wife and 3 kids and i do IT for the DPT of the army, so i live a rather busy lifestyle.  I'm not very flexible outside my listed hours due to this.  Prior submariner in the US Navy, Electronic Technician.  I play all sorts of games from shooters, to MOBAs, and every MMO that appealed to me since their inception.  Been gaming online since BBS times.  Looking foward to findingg a good group of folks to game with, thats relaxed and can have fun, and can focus down and organize when its pvp time!


  • Played the realm for many years, Everquest for many many years, everquest 2 for 3 years, guild wars 2 for 2 years, warhammer online from start till it was retired, Horizons Empire of Istaria from beta until game was about dead, World of warcraft vanilla up till the first expansion released, Some time in lineage and lineage 2, many years in AION, along time in FFXIV 1.0 and 2.0,Vanguard saga of heroes from start to finish, and probably touched on every other MMO inbetween for as long as i could stand them.  Most the MMOs i left can all be attributed to guilds falling apart, or lack of guild groups.


Voice-Chat services:

  • I can accommodate any of them, but i'm mostly on discord nowadays.
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Come Join us at Clan of the Dragon's Claw. We are a bit of everyrhing. Go to the guild page and request to join, I will message the leader to accept you. We have a discord to join once you are accepted.

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