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Stealth for Every Class

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I noticed the upcoming tray changes.  The developers mentioned the various available trays and showed an example with the melee, ranged and stealth trays.  Is it possible that every class now get stealth like Elder Scrolls Online where every class get it but only the Nightblade gets bonuses and a vanish.  This will be great because in a PVP game some people, i.e. me, feel forced to pick one of the stealth classes.  Does anybody know for sure?

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I wouldn't discount the possibility of the *option* of stealth on all characters eventually. Todd likes to let people make weird characters.

I would expect, if this were the case, to pay heavily for it on templates that don't naturally gravitate to stealth. I would not expect disciplines that wild in the upcoming patch though. That seems like a lot of noise before they've beta tested the balance of the basic poorly made socks we have already, which, mind you ,was just revamped.

Doesn't seem like a moment they'd add a ton of new things.


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40 minutes ago, Dern said:

Isn't there already racial abilities and disciplines (illusionist) that grant a form of stealth?

Kinda. The difference between burrow and stealth is that burrow does not grant a stealth tray (and as such can't benefit from stealth powers) and well as burns stamina when in use. This is a feature unique to guinecian knights and clerics (it is removed from duelists when they gain the stealth tray) and is a major feature of the race, and we've been told its intended to be unusable when not on terrain (e.g. no burrowing in to a fort floor) though there has been some trouble implementing that functionality properly.

Camoflauge from wood elf is a stationary-only stealth toggle that makes the user visible while moving that also does not grant a stealth tray. There's also a disc power that grants this power for some classes.

Both of these also have lengthy cooldowns after being toggled off before they can be used again, unlike stealth which can be used any time you're out of combat, while moving, anywhere.


Generally when we talk about stealth in crowfall we're talking "true stealth" with a no cooldown tray that one can slot powers on. Otherwise we refer to the other two powers by name as they're functionally very different both from each other and from true stealth.

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Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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