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TitanFall 2

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Always saw the title in many plataforms, never bothered.

Until few months ago when it became free game of the month in PS Plus, i gave it a chance and gods above, what a great multiplayer experience! Made me remember of my teenager years playing COD on ps3. The titans make it better when i thought would make it worse, if you have a console, you should give it a try!



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On 1/26/2020 at 5:07 PM, Archaos said:

Classic game with a fantastic multiplayer experience and legitimately solid campaign. Respawn Entertainment knows how to make an excellent FPS. 

Have you dabbled in APEX: Legends at all?

Yeah, been playing apex since launch, most entertaining battle royale I ever played too. Invited 2 friends to play with me and got more active in there, had so much fun I even bought the season pass.

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I thought the campaign was too linear and VERY short. Picked it up, set on hard, 17 hrs and done. Which isn't saying much as I toyed around.

More like tutorial than campaign. Which consisted of "do these moves to move next area". 

I couldn't even get into it enough to play the online content.

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