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Thursday Meme confusion

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To avoid confusion - When I and probably others (EDIT - NON DEVS) talk about thursday announcements or ect ect this spawns from the Jan 2020 ACE in which it was said that they CANNOT give a date and they said (paraphrasing) "if we said it would be next Thursday at noon people would try to hold us to it"... Hence the meme and the joke. The coincidence that the campaign ends today is just that a coincidence... 

Now there you guys are in on the jokes now let Artcraft and @Pann with real stuff and be excited we have another campaign coming and yes Beta *eventually* (but not thursday noon or otherwise)



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1 hour ago, Surelia said:

they shouldn´t do anything ever on thursdays at noon 🤣

or do the opposite and do everything on Thursday at noon

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