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Any OCE servers?

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4 hours ago, Fustix said:

Hey lads,

I am from Australia, have keen interest but only one question looks... is this game going to have OCE servers?

Welcome to the forums.

Actually we had OCE servers online in several test servers. But not for quite some time now. Just like Surelia, I didn't hear any significant news for some time now. So it's one of those things that remains to be seen and what people wait to get news about.
(By the way, the asian server stretch goal doesnt promise another server usable by all, but will most likely provide a unique universe, seperated from both the US/EU servers and the russian servers. Up to now that's just a guess, though (even if maybe a well educated one).

In my personal opinion, it looks a lot like they tried to provide test servers in the early years to check the potential of the possible audience. Since the OCE servers didn't come up for a long time, it looks like the results didn't go too well.

That doesn't necessarily mean there will be no OCE servers to play Crowfall -- but surely that it will be a tough company decision. A decision the community may be able to prove being an important one, by showing they will be an important market. I was part of those who made a point in europe being an important market, so I know it can be done. So the only remaining question is: will you?

I hope so, I wish you all the best, and if you have some ideas and the community may be of help in any way to get you there, just let us know.

Until then
have fun, good luck

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