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End Game Necromancy Skill: the Skinwalker

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At some point in time, everyone will have whatever quality vessels they want, and a necromancer's training will be not as useful--especially compared to a blacksmith's or some other durability based crafter. Now I know this will be a VERY far away thing, but, I have a ponderous solution: the Skinwalker.


What IS the Skinwalker, you might be asking? Imagine this, if you will:


You have a consumable-like item that allows you to wear the skin of another, for the purposes of infiltration and spy-work. Say I, a Minotaur, wishes to prowl about in Elven lands. I would have a necromancer--after giving Elven parts--craft me said skin suit in the form of the elf I'd choose: a Wood Elf, for example. My necromancer would name it, "Tyrannicall", and upon activation, I would appear as a Woof Elf named Tyrannicall.


In this, I could not activate things or take hostile actions; the dark magics of the guise cannot withstand such heated emotions! A Ranger, or other scouting class, would also have their Perception score matched against the skin suit. The higher quality the parts used, the higher the stealth score. So there'd still be some use and want for those legendary bits well after everyone was shiny and gold. This would also help give those who build/went for a higher Perception a helpful purpose in rooting out such devious deceivers. 



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I fully support gamified deception mechanics, and disguises tick that box for me.

This feels like a major to me. Grants an equip slot for vessels, a noncombat toggle for "skinwalk" to don or remove the disguise, an active targeted toggle "Befuddle" to debuff perception on a single target, and a self revealing long duration blackmantle ability "Cackle" that can only be used while skinwalking and costs vessel durablity. I envision Befuddle as an ability with no cast animation but a visible debuff on the target. As a perception user you'd know you're being befuddled but not by who, making this ability useless 1v1, but paranoia inducing in large groups of allies.

On theme I'd also like to see:

Deciever: Can craft and use decoys. Is capable of creating convincing static decoys with the appearance of players, siege engines, some building upgrades, and caravans, or fake rocks and bushes that can be F interacted with by allies to grant stationary low rank stealth. Deciever decoys are not stealthed, but are destroyed in a single hit regardless of their listed HP. Perfect for countering skinwalkers trying to gather intel or really custard with people in mass combat situations.

Smuggler: Can craft and use caches, Caches are stationary perception countered stealth world objects vulnerable to perception capable of storing a small number of items for a limited amount of time. Also has the ability to feign death, creating a cairn and gaining stamina based burrow-like stealth for surreptuous escapes, and the ability to disguise caravans and up to 5 allies within range of those caravans as a skinwalker does for themself. Smugglers use a crafted "smuggler's Kit" belt tool and its quality and stats determine the stealth score of these additional abilities. An excellent disc for harvesters and a job creator for scouts and antistealth toons who can see through the smuggler's deceptions and find their caches with perception and scouting abilities.

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This would really put necromancy on the map long-term, fits extremely well thematically, and could probably pave the way for other proposed future majors that may alter the avatar skin, such as Vampire, Were-animal, etc. (that or leverage existing skin change mechanics depending on what came first).  

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