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New Documentary About Jtodd?


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JTodd is the model for the Fae race. However; I always thought the Hero statue should be in Gordon's likeness.

And there should be a Blair 'hair and beard' option for the female half giant at character creation, and I want a danged Hippogriff in the game too.

There is nothing like kicking your feet up after a hard afternoon of posting on the Crowfall forums, sipping two fingers of Srathors Tears, while staring out over Coolwaters lake listening to Angelmars sing.

You Madishar? Yeah you madishar, this Apple Docudrama ain't got nothing on the RL characters inhabiting the Crowfall world... Oh shyte there went a Blazzen Minotaur scampering across my lawn scorching the turf. I hope somebody puts him out before the zone catches fire.

Sock Puppet pour me another two fingers, Death is coming!


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Definitely going to watch this show. 

It's basically another "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" except this time "the gang" is a bunch of successful game developers instead of unsuccessful bar owners. 

Blazzen <Lords of Death>

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