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Movable UI Elements

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TLDR: Having to look away from the action in the center of the screen to see crucial information lessens the experience.


The larger my monitors get, the farther away the cooldowns, pip counters, myrmidon crash meter, ect get from what I want to be looking at. Its a big reason why many people hate subtitled movies, because they have to continually keep looking down to see whats going on instead of being able to focus on the movie. Im not even asking for resizing elements, but being able to move things like health meters and class ability counters to areas that the player find more visible would help greatly.

The main reason Ive stayed with World of Warcraft for so many years is that its one of the few games that allows me to place elements I consider crucial in areas my brain can recognize them.


Edit> Yes, Ive seen the new UI design. Its nice, but in no way addresses having all of the info at the edges of the screen when the action is in the middle.

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Agreed, also sizeing needs to be implemented, I don't need my inventory to take up that much of a 32" ultrawide screen

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