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[QM] Questmakers | NA Merchants Guild

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We are looking for dedicated merchants and crafters for the next Update. Crafts for you and your stands.

In a cozy community without pressure and stress.

yBrSRy7.pngPvP players are welcome, especially if you need your euqipment and just dont want to craft it yourself then join us. You can chop as many opponents as you want. But our goal is not being the top guild in the pvp section since it is a merchants guild(keep that in mind). Mainfocus remains trading and crafting. A merchants guild with organization and system, where your needs will be fullfilled. ERliDlJ.png

Specialize in certain professions and get access to a network of crafters/traders who all support each other. Craft your stuff and trade your way to fame and fortune. miabq7c.png

Become a Questmaker and be in a friendly and warmhearted atmosphere where people help each other.
ioYkPAo.pngThe main server is US. However, trading takes place on both EU and US servers. There will be a guild kingdom. It also depends on what the next update brings with changes, so we will adjust accordingly.ERliDlJ.png

yBrSRy7.pngFor more information on this or if you are interested, send me a private message.

You like to trade and be a merchant? JOIN NOW!gL2UvUO.png



What we expect from you:

A good cooperation between all guild members and other guilds is a basic requirement that we expect from everyone. Take care of your stands and stay professional in what you do. Dont flame other Players, dont troll, no racism. 


Like any good dealer, you should always be able to respond to your customers. He thinks your prices are bad? Then go up to him and offer him something he can use, make him a better offer, haggle! :) Be a good trader, be a Questmaker!


What you should know:

This guild is mostly for trading, ''crafting orders'' are reserved for guilds that have specialized but not with us. ^^

PVP mainly takes place in small groups. Or even solo, because the focus is on crafting and trading. In cooperation with other guilds, the PVP aspect will take place to the extent necessary to complete a deal. For organized alliances, for example, or a ceasefire, all questmakers will be part of it till its fullfilled.


Sidenote: This Guild is still under construction so dont expect something big, for the upcoming Patch we will test and prepare for dreggs and see what we can make better if cooperation is even possible. Also I am looking always for newer Players cuz most of the veterans that are playing right now got their guild, but if you are also playing fo a while then feel free to join me^^. 



Questmakers Promo Video 


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