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Duelist class race options

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Hello CrowFall Dev team, i'm currently a playing backer enjoying what is currently available! I am patient and opportunistic about the future of CrowFall! I have but one question/suggestion which isn't game breaking to me and I understand that "personal suggestions" can come off as selfish and arrogant that being said my suggestion is for the duelist class to not be limited to the Guinecean, it is by far my favorite class to play but from a personal perspective I would heavily enjoy it being played as a humanoid. Be it human,half-elf or the Nethari. If in fact this IS read by someone of the CrowFall team I thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.

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Welcome to the forums!  Deulist is definitely good fun, but the lore they have set for launch specifies that Hamsters alone hold the secret to gunpowder and they are not yet sharing.  I do suspect we will see some future pseudo-stealth races that can become deulists as well, but that will almost certainly be years down the road, if at all.

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On top of that. Duelists have the burrow ability, which is also a racial ability of guineceans. It would be really weird to have a human, elf, elken, etc. burrowing under the ground.

Maybe they will add some other races post launch that would make more sense as duelists. Or maybe they will simply design a different type of stealth for non-guinecean duelists. That's probably the more likely option, but not something they would be keen to do prior to launch. I'm sure one way or another, there will be more options eventually.

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They have mentioned that Bard will be upgraded from discipline to full class at some time after release, and guinecians  will be prevented from taking it as well as other races that already have a ton of class options.

Guinecian class selection is purposely very limited because they have not only the ability to use moving stealth on knights and clerics, but a unique class all to themselves. Duelist is part of what makes the race unique despite its weird stats and small class selection. I don't think I'd want that to change.


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