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Dev Diary: All the Things

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This was a good dev diary!

Centaurs not being able to be removed from the mounted state will make for some pretty interesting gameplay. I like it! Although I can think of one particular scenario where this will be very cheesy. 

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"While the Fae may have been the first Assassins we designed (back when we had archetypes), the Nethari are also intended to be a strong choice for playing as an Assassin. We can strengthen this choice by giving them a slight speed buff when moving in Stealth mode. "

Does this mean Fae doesn't get the stealth movement speed buff anymore and has been moved to nethari?

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Thanks for the update. Sounds like quality changes have been added. 

That said I'm not a huge fan of descriptions like "has a chance to instantly remove". It's just so vague.

There's an enormous difference in value if it's a 5%, 25%, 75%... chance. Put in the description the real of it.

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Cool stuff, looking forward to a complete list!

Have quivers changed or are they still just a QOL buff compared to arrows?

Follow up question: If a majority of possible ranger templates have to use arrows rather than quivers, does the new UI have a proper arrow counter? I'm a little over having to open my inventory to check a critical combat resource, and every ranger spec is going to be using rapid fire pretty liberally which makes counting them in one's head a nightmare. I assumed you'd kill arrows in this update but since you're not... can we get some love for people that aren't using quivers?

Follow up Follow up question: What is the design utility of arrows specifically being the only form or ranged attack with a potential ammo limitation, and why after review did you decide to keep it this way?

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