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TEST Patch Notes (5.110 Phase 1) for 3/26/2020

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Crowfall War of the Gods Update
Development Build 5.110.0 - Phase 1

Welcome to Phase 1 Testing of the Crowfall 5.110.0 Release!  This update has an enormous number of new gameplay features that we’ll be making available on the Test servers, but in order to focus the testing and feedback on specific areas and performance not all features will be available at once.

Please note that these Release Notes are not final and will be changed prior to the Release being deployed to the Live servers.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports (5.110 Phase 1)
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback (5.110 Phase 1)
For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues (5.110 Phase 1)

Phase 1 Focus

  • Combat and gameplay flow
  • Progression of new characters from levels 1-25
  • Frostweaver gameplay and mechanics


Combat and Gameplay

One of the previous interface elements used to support gameplay, the Survival Tray (also known as the Harvest Tray), has been removed and replaced with a new streamlined gameplay interface. We feel this change provides a much more intuitive and responsive gameplay. It’s a significant change and we’re looking for feedback on any areas or interactions that do not feel user-intuitive.

Goal: Experience the new combat and gameplay mechanics and provide feedback.


New updates:


  • There is no longer a tray specifically for out-of-combat actions, survival or harvesting, and all trays can be used while in-combat or during out-of-combat activities including harvesting. 
  • Players now enter combat mode by using any combat power and are automatically removed from combat mode after they have not taken damage from another player for 10 seconds and if there are no aggroed NPCs nearby.  
  • Some classes only have a single power bar such as Melee or Ranged, while other classes have the option to switch between powerbars by pressing a hotkey.
  • Some combat powers can only be added to a specific powerbar.
  • Non-combat powers can be added to any powerbar.
  • Passive abilities are always active when the character is in the appropriate combat mode.
  • Players can now loot NPCs while in combat.


  • Each of the five harvesting tools now has a specific inventory slot to which they can be assigned; there is no longer a need to change which tool is equipped. While out of combat and facing a resource, using Left-click will automatically activate the appropriate harvesting tool to harvest it.
  • The shovel tool slot is now locked until you obtain the skill Digging Basics in the Excavation skill tree.
  • The Harvesting user-interface (on-screen icon and “pips”) has changed:
    • This UI is no longer automatically granted - first players will need to equip an Exploration discipline (specifically: Connoisseur, Lookout, Survivalist, Foreman or Villein)
    • Once the discipline is equipped, players can get the benefit of the Harvesting Power passive power that then activates the ability to charge the harvesting pips (via the harvesting UI).
  • The Villein Exploration discipline also allows you to see the Harvesting UI (pips) but does not give players the ability to use it - without having the Harvesting passive power.
  • In order to unlock the Harvesting Ultimate: Energetic Harvesting, players must spend points in the Exploration Mastery skill in the Exploration Basics skill tree.


New Player progression in God’s Reach (Starting World)

In order to ensure player’s get off to a strong start, we’ve updated the player leveling experience and we’re introducing a new God’s Reach map.  This new map will be receiving several updates coming in later Phases of the Test, but currently provides an opportunity to play the new leveling experience.  Additionally, in order to enter higher-level worlds in future phases of testing, you will need a character level 25+.

Goal: Level a new character from level 1-25 and provide feedback on the leveling experience

New updates:

NPC Levels and Difficulty

  • NPCs now have a level ranging from 1 to 30 which corresponds in power to player levels.  This change is intended to make finding and fighting relevant NPCs more accessible and user-intuitive for players than the previous system.  
  • The level difference between a character and an NPC now plays a greater role and higher level NPCs are significantly more challenging to fight. NPCs that are significantly higher level than a character will do increased damage to that character and have increased resistance to attacks.  These changes are intended to provide a smoother, more intuitive curve for character leveling by offering players challenges appropriate to their level (+/- 4 levels.) 
  • Beyond the standard NPCs players most frequently encounter, we’ve added new NPCs ranging including elites and powerful new raid bosses that are distinguished by a visually unique (color/shape) frame on the nameplate to better stand out. These NPCs may require multiple players to defeat.

Harvesting and Crafting XP

Previously there has been limited value to harvesting or crafting while leveling.  To allow players to have greater variety in the way in which they choose to level, harvesting of resources and crafting items now grants players XP. As you gain levels, you will need to seek out higher value resources or craft items with higher rarity to continue gaining XP from these activities.



An exciting new addition to the roster of Crowfall classes, the Frostweaver is available for the first time!  Not all of the FX are final, the Frostweaver is a unique class that offers players a new gameplay experience. We’re looking for feedback on the core gameplay mechanics. 

Goal: Experience the new Frostweaver class and provide feedback on the Frostweaver gameplay and mechanics particularly interactions with Ice (see below).

New updates:

  • Masters of the cold-based magic Cryomancy, the Frostweaver specializes in the creation and manipulation of different forms of Ice to heal or harm.  Whereas Confessors utilize their faith to shape flame, Frostweavers use wizardry and magic to harness their chosen element.
  • Frostweavers use Ice as a unique resource. Ice can be created in a number of different forms to perform a variety of functions. The Frostweaver is extremely versatile and can transmute one type of Ice into another on the fly. And when the fight is over, they can even pick up and store leftover Ice for later.
  • Frostweavers have access to Damage, Defense and Healing roles and can specialize their talents to become a deadly Archmage, a defensive Frostguard or a supportive Icecaller.
  • Frostweavers wield a unique weapon: the Frostcaster.  Frost Crystals set in a metal frame grow and contract with a gesture allowing the Frostweaver to cast icy magic at will.
  • The Frostweaver is available to the Fae, High Elf and Wood Elf races.  


New Updates for War of the Gods (5.110.0) Phase 1

And there’s more...this is not a complete list of the updates found in War of the Gods, but represents a number of changes that you may encounter during your testing in Phase 1. Please share any feedback with us at: TEST Feedback (5.110 Phase 1)


  • There has been a substantial change to the way powers are created and executed in-game.  This should provide a long-term improvement in performance and our ability to efficiently fix powers related bugs, temporarily the FX and SFX of some powers may not trigger correctly.  We are working to correct these issues.
  • Some Power Cooldowns and Buffs now persist through zoning and logging out.

Class Powers
The Druid Static Bolt basic attack is no longer a channeled ability and can be used as individual attacks or as a chain.

The Major Disciplines Elementalist, Militant Mage, Mudman and Scarecrow have been removed and can no longer be purchased or crafted.

It is our Design intent that players make meaningful choices when choosing Talents; not all will be able to be purchased - choices matter and you will be forced to make trade-offs.

  • The benefits provided by many Talents have been altered.
  • Plate armor proficiency has been removed as a default starting option for classes that previously had it.
  • Proficiency with Plate armor is now granted by several Promotion Specializations.
  • Major Disciplines now cost 5 talent points.

Races and Racial Passives
Choosing a Race in Crowfall has always been a meaningful and impactful choice.  We’ve made a number of changes to racial bonuses and powers, as well as improving how those benefits are presented.

  • Attribute Base Caps have been clarified.  This allows players to see base stat caps for a race at the top level in the racial discipline.
  • Many Passive and Active Racial bonuses have been altered. Races now receive one to two active powers, four to five passive powers, a race specific Dodge and some races receive an additional equipment slot.

New or Updated Racial Passives:


  • Hungry as a Horse - large physical size requires you to eat more often, reducing your Food Regen Rate by 20 seconds.
  • Legion's Strength - increases all nearby group members’ Attack Power and Attack Power statistics by 75.
  • Sure Footed - prevents damage from causing you to be dismounted.
  • Trailblazer - increases your Out of Combat Movement Speed by 15% after you Pathfind a trail. Pathfinding automatically happens whenever you leave combat.


  • Follow-Through - increases your Ranged Distance Bonus Cap by 5.
  • Gaea's Tears - increases your Critical Healing Amount statistic by 10%.
  • Tannin Techniques - increases your Leatherworking and Leatherworking Experimentation statistics by 10.
  • Trailmaster - increases your Out of Combat Movement Speed by 25% after you Pathfind a trail. Pathfinding automatically happens whenever you leave combat.


  • Born Under The Knife - increases your Power Damage Bonus: Melee statistic by 3%.
  • Toxic Tolerance - increases your Organic Resistance statistic by 5%.
  • Improbable Antidote - has a chance to instantly remove all Toxin effects on you whenever a Toxin effect is applied to you.
  • Glide - reduces your falling speed. You can activate this power with the jump key after a successful double jump or while falling.


  • Double Jump - jump again while near the apex of your first jump.
  • Epicurean - increases your Consumption statistic by 15%.
  • Superior Weapons - increases your Weapon Damage statistic by 8.
  • Caravan Master - increases your Plentiful Haul statistic by 1.

Half Giant

  • Brawny - increases your Critical Damage statistic by 10%.
  • Gigantism - large physical size requires you to eat more often, reducing your Food Regen Rate by 10 seconds.
  • Maken Me Mad! - grants a stack of Maken Me Mad whenever you are damaged for less than 200 Health. If five stacks are gained in 30 seconds, gain Giant Smash. Giant Smash increases your Damage Bonus and Healing Bonus statistics by 5% for 12 seconds, and also restores some of your class specific resource.
  • Sticks and Stones - increases your Logging and Quarrying statistics by 10.

Half Elf

  • Bandit's Armor - protects you with a Barrier preventing up to 1000 Piercing damage or 500 damage of other types for 15 seconds. (Activated power)
  • Lay of The Land - increases your Mining statistic by 15.
  • Past Lives - unlocks an additional Minor Discipline Slot.
  • Trailblazer - increases your Out of Combat Movement Speed by 15% after you Pathfind a trail. Pathfinding automatically happens whenever you leave combat.
  • Wildkin's Retort - heals 6% of your maximum Health every second for 4 seconds whenever you are the victim of a Knockdown, Stun, Root, or Snare.

High Elf

  • Acrobatics - has a chance to instantly restore 1 Dodge Power when performing a right-click Dive Roll.
  • Hauteur - increases your Critical Damage statistic by 5%.
  • Vanity - increases your Elemental Resistance statistic by 500.


  • Gemcutter - increases jewelcrafting statistic.
  • Hero's Blood - increases the number of slots on your power tray.
  • Pain Tolerance - reduces all damage that you take.
  • Past Lives - unlocks a minor discipline slot.


  • Thick Skin - increases your Resist All statistic by 300.
  • Gigantism - large physical size requires you to eat more often, reducing your Food Regen Rate by 10 seconds.
  • Unbreakable - grants immunity to all Stun effects that hit you from the front.
  • Waste Not, Want not - Increases your Skinning statistics by 15.


  • Desert Winds - increases your Health Regen: Out of Combat statistic by 20.
  • Subcuticular Suturing - increases your Necromancy and Necromancy Experimentation statistics by 10.
  • Sun-Kissed Skin - increases your Anti-Critical Strike statistic by 3%.
  • Walk Without Rhythm - increases your Movement Speed: Stealth statistic by 20%.


  • Blood of the Mountain - increases your Incoming Healing statistic by 15%.
  • Coagulation - has a chance to instantly remove all Bleed effects on you whenever a Bleed effect is applied to you.
  • High Forge Apprentice - increases your Blacksmithing and Blacksmithing Experimentation statistics by 10.
  • I Get Knocked Down - reduces the length of Knockdowns you suffer by two seconds and increases Damage Bonus and Healing Bonus statistics by 5% for 12 seconds after suffering a Knockdown.


  • Nature Resistance - increases your Nature Resistance statistic by 1000.
  • Reflection of Nature - increases your Critical Healing Chance statistic by 3%.
  • Shaper of Wood - increases your Woodworking and Woodworking Experimentation statistics by 10.
  • Trailblazer - increases your Out of Combat Movement Speed by 15% after you Pathfind a trail. Pathfinding automatically happens whenever you leave combat.



  • Specialized crafting tables will no longer automatically grant you all of their recipes; they will give you the recipes for basic components, with higher resource costs - to provide a higher benefit to having a Crafting specialization. 
  • To unlock additional recipes, you must now equip the appropriate Major Discipline tied to that Craft. 
  • To further improve your crafting experience (reduce the amount of resources required to complete a recipe, and improve your result), equip the appropriate Advanced Minor Discipline.


  • All God statues have been added in the Temple. Each god has a dedicated Sacrifice Brazier 
  • The Sacrifice window now provides additional lore for each god


  • The cost, attributes, and values of many items have changed.
  • Added a several new items found by harvesting
  • “Artifact Binds” now require five fragments of the same quality to craft and result in an artifact fragment of a higher quality, which can be sacrificed for increasingly greater XP.

World Bank

  • The World Bank / Vault in campaigns are no longer accessible by hitting ‘B’ or the UI; you can access the Bank in a Temples; additionally, there are new bank outposts that can be found throughout the world (by using your map).
  • The Vault can still be accessed while in an EK.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to prevent players from accidentally deleting items able to be exported - via remaining export tokens - in the game lobby.
  • Deeds purchased with Crowns can no longer be imported into an Embargo Campaign.

We’ve dramatically updated the User Interface including visually exciting Nameplates, Character Sheet, Action Bars, Class Resources, and more.  The new UI provides a more consistent look and feel that compliments the world and lore of Crowfall.

Sounds / Animations
Added and updated numerous sounds, animations, and icons.


  • Roads now increase the movement speed of players and Caravans on them.
  • Tower Outposts are now located near the roads.
  • The skills trees have been significantly reworked.  Several obsolete or non-functioning branches have been removed and the Skill Trees should now offer better progression.


Bugs Fixed

We’ve fixed numerous issues this release… too many to list in one place.  The list below is a combination of critical issues that have been fixed, as well as a number of less impactful, but player reported, bugs.


Show Stoppers:

  • Fixed an issue where installing Crowfall without updated Visual Studio C++ Redistributables would cause a black screen or sound errors loading into the game.
  • Turkey Region Settings no longer cause Assets to not load properly which would prevent players from being able to log in.


  • The Dizzy effect has been removed from the game.
  • Constructing a wall no longer causes the character to sometimes rubber band or become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with a Rune Gate would not remove the character from stealth.
  • Carrying Capacity: Ore node in Exploration Basic skill tree now improves stats properly.
  • Deleting a World Bank will now delete all items inside of that bank (including crafted vessel items).
  • Fixed an issue where players could not login if their username began with numbers, dashes, underscore or dots.
  • Players can no longer spend level points in a maxed out stat.
  • Fixed bug with faction selection causing loading screen issues.
  • Player character and NPC corpses will no longer float if they die midair.
  • NPC Corpse interaction has been improved to better reflect the position of the NPC.
  • Fixed bug where players could see doobers while in crow form.
  • Guinecean stealth double jump animation now plays properly.
  • Bandage animation now plays correctly.
  • Players will no longer get stuck on Leaving World when you log out.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could be stuck in the world and unkillable while leashing.
  • Ballista aiming reticle should now appear correctly when over a player character.
  • Decreased interactable radius for Death Blow.
  • Building interact distance has been shortened to 5m.
  • Vendor interact distance has been shortened to 5m.
  • Fixed an issue where some items from the ejected vendor were disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue where some items would rarely be lost being returned to the Vault.
  • Fixed an issue where some objects would be seen floating.
  • Buying disciplines using the Right Mouse Button should now work properly.
  • Harvest-able resources will no longer shield characters from siege attack damage.
  • The Zone tab of the chat now appears in zones that contain apostrophes.
  • Equipped items can now be swapped with the same item in the inventory. 
  • Siege timer on highlighted Keeps in the map are now displaying the correct duration.
  • Fixed an issue when a character dies via falling through the map and is taken to an infinite loading screen. 
  • Fixed crashes resulting from players zoning.
  • When the hunger bar is depleted the starving debuff will now appear and health will not regenerate. 
  • Power tray background now displays correctly after being overlapped by another character's health bar. 
  • Fixed issue where the next attack after retaliate does not do any damage. 
  • Fixed issue after purchasing a guard the character would be teleported to the roof of the outpost. 
  • Fixed issue where Wartribe corpses appear to stand up when the character backs away more than 40 meters. 
  • Fixed issue where the player is able to enter game-play with a recently deleted character. 
  • Completing a Hippo (a wall or building) no longer causes your vessel to rubber band or become stuck.
  • Updated and improved animations for stronghold guards. 
  • Improved character animations while swapping trays. 
  • Hellcats can no longer hit the player character when in an outpost. 
  • Fixed screen lock up when selecting the completed tab from the campaign screen in the lobby.
  • Added a confirmation dialog with the race and class during character creation when using a crafted Vessel.


  • Fixed an issue where Raid Bosses were not spawning in some campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs were not moving from their Spawn Location.
  • Fixed an issue where Runegates, harvestables, and NPCs would not spawn in a zone.


  • Book Clasps, Bow Risers, and Staff limbs can now take 2 Spherical Gems.
  • Players must unlock the Assassin Tools of the Trade talent in order to craft toxins.
  • Players must have the appropriate recipe scroll equipped in order to craft a Runic Staff.
  • Updated food vendor to have apples, plants, and more items per purchase.
  • Some crafted recipes (artifact binds) no longer add to the leaderboard.

Eternal Kingdom:

  • Players are now able to move Castle Defense buildings that have Modular Wall Panels attached to them in your EK.
  • Fixed an issue where "Building Placement Fail" message would appear while trying to move a house building in EK that has a vendor stall and vendor attached in it.
  • Changing the player's account name when there is an EK created now changes their EK's Zone Name and Owner Name.
  • While Building a house in Eternal Kingdom (F) and (G) prompts will no longer linger on-screen when the character is facing away from the building.
  • Fixed issues with characters falling through the world.
  • Edit Kingdom and Map can no longer be opened at the same time. 

User Interface:

  • World Bank inventory window visible on the Vault screen should now open in the correct place on-screen.
  • Group Leadership Combat stats are now correctly reflected on the players details panel.
  • Faction crests should now appear correctly on the World Map.
  • Fixed visual bug when moving gold between your Vault and a World Bank.
  • Fixed bug with Talent Point tutorial tip.
  • Fixed visual issue on Trial of Gaea badge stat improvement.
  • Crafted Wood Elf vessel item description now correctly refers to it as a Wood Elf vessel instead of Druid.
  • Fixed an issue where logging out after opening all UI caused players to lose click ability.
  • Fixed an issue where modifying a stack while in the sacrifice window could give less XP.
  • Comparing Tooltips for Harvesting items now displays the correct values.


  • The /ignore chat command now persists between play sessions.

General and Discipline Powers:

  • Fixed bug where powers were missing their FX the first time they were used.
  • Fixed the song duration resulting from the pure voice buff of twisting minor discipline.
  • Channeling or charging powers will no longer fire upon character death.
  • The hit FX, hit reaction and camera shake are no longer visible when attacking a character with different faction in a Sanctuary.
  • Stealth shader now appears on all stealthed allies including allies that were stealthed before coming into view. 

Class Powers:


  • Assassin Shadow Armor talent now improves Resistance stats correctly.
  • Assassin talent Alligator Blood tooltip now shows the correct bleed improvement information.
  • Using the Assassin's ultimate power Shadowstep towards the Tree of life will no longer teleport you inside the Tree.


  • When using Colossal Smash within 10 meters of a target the character no longer clips through the targeted enemy. 
  • Visuals for Second Wind have been improved.
  • Neckbreaker ultimate power no longer damages twice after Violent Neckbreaker talent is taken.


  • Projectile of Meteor Purge now animates.


  • Druid's Electrogenesis orbs will now be visible to the caster.
  • Druid Partial Redirection talent now heals you by the correct amount of HP.
  • Druid Sacrifice power tooltip has been updated to reflect the correct Essence restoration.
  • Druid Blight power now has the correct duration.
  • Druid Gaea's Wail bear projectile now animates correctly.
  • Fixed several issues with Coalesce Life and Blight.


  • Duelist only stealth powers can utilize the Vanguard Scout passive lifesteal ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Dynamite' ultimate power of duelist could make multiple barrels per building near to the target.
  • 'Impale' power of Duelist class will now trigger appropriately when used on an enemy.
  • Snipe power now deals damage and registers in the combat log.  


  • Knight Shield Slam power now works at the correct distance.


  • Myrmidon Pulverize power now has hit FX.


  • Ranger basic bow attacks can no longer hit targets if they are obscured by game objects.
  • Deathloop no longer unequips your secondary Melee Weapon when playing as a Ranger.


  • Templar Holy Warrior power now has correct SFX and FX.


Race Powers:


  • The 'Blood of the Giant' racial power of the Half-Giant now has animation.

Major Discipline:

  • Fixed SFX issues on Lay Low, Stink Bomb, and Caltrops abilities.

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