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2 things Slayer needs Mail- Vanguard scout faster restealth

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na.. the duelist is in a very good place right now , since the new fixes. The vanguard is a tricky thing though. It´s a very cool concept , but it something really hard to bring to reality.  Right now the promotion class makes absolutly no sense because you cant deliver consistent dmg from stealth to be a viable class. if yo ugive him too much dmg skill from stealth it will make him way to op. 

In my humble opinion A good way to go with this promotiom class is a bomber concept like the archdruid. where you can bring a lot of aoe dmg to the table from stealth , but need a LOT of preparation for it and timing. For example: You place multiple mines from stealth that can either dmg, slow , stun or debuff the diffrence be, you need to detonate them from afar because they can dmg the duelist too as a balance mesure.  Another coll concept would be to use the tunnel concept as a teleport thingy ,where the duelist can create an entry point and an exit point trough wich the party member can move bypassing enemies

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On 4/10/2020 at 1:49 PM, xary said:

So which are recommended for your more solo, small group attack focus? Slayer with dual pistols? or Vanguard with dual pistols or saber?

 Forget about the scout, nice idea but flawded concept right now.  As I said he doesnt have a kit to allow him to be usefull or viable. Dirge is amazing, Huge burst damage but almost no survivabilty, he is good in scenarios where you want to gank one or two enemies that are alone.

The Slayer though has a big potential and is porbably one of the best counter to the Frostweaver. The nice thing about him it´s is steady high speed damage outpout. He doesnt have the burst of the dirge or the Archer, but he canput a lot of pressure and most interesting part, he can crack the frost armor ASAP. So I would recoment you to  play a Slayer, Easy to pick up, and fun to play. The Dirge is really hard to pick up and can be very frustrating.

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