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What's up with Crowfall

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So I just discovered this game today and am looking for general info. I see there's a beta test happening now/soon, is there a release date yet? I can't tell if they're nearing the end of development (excluding post-launch, obv) or if there's still a long way to go.

For those who have played, how does it compare to other MMOs like WoW, Guild Wars, BDO, etc. I'm generally skeptical when game's claim to 'redefine' genres.

Does the game have a strong PvP focus? And what does it mean when it identifies as a real-time strategy?  4.99 euros to dollars

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Well your timing is very good. From day to day they are going to release the biggest update the game has ever seen. That means after the update they are going for bug fixing and polishing and closed beta. Soft launch maybe end of this year or early 2021!

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as @Gzas said, good timing.

We are currently testing the game in pre-alpha stage (Version is 5.100) on LIVE-Servers. Around the corner is 5.110, which is the last big milestone update with a lot of core mechanics. That version could be any day on TEST (alpha). There all backers will have soon™ the pleasure to check out the new stuff, while they do polishing and bugfixing. When this Version is good to go to LIVE-Servers they will call it beta and invite the big waves of betatester.

The game is mostly focused on PVP, Characterlvling & some wanted Lootdrops involve some PVE. 

The strategy game part is still hidden, we have clues of what it might be like, but not enough for me to make a statement about it. Just not only pvp will give you points for the win.

This is the best prerelease game i have "played" since there are computers ;) and it feels way more like a game than a testversion

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