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EK Building Observations

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Posted (edited)

Recently starting testing again and have spent a majority of the past few days in the EK, placing parcels, building and wall. These are a list of observations I have made, some may be bug, some may be me not knowing all the aspects of the systems due to no tutorials. So without further ado, in no particular order.

  1. Woodland Creek Parcel - No water
  2. Build Mode - While in the EK, every item is always in the build mode providing the tool tip of Move or Loot. We need to be able to toggle this on or off.
  3. No Sky view - Need the ability to view the world from a sky view perspective while building to facilitate better planning, placement of items. Encountered a bug that threw me into the sky and realized this need to be a feature. lc4Uekq.png
  4. Hunger - While spending hours building in EK, having to stop to eat is rather annoying. In a build mode, hunger should be greatly reduced or eliminated to encourage creativity.
  5. Map or Parcel edit view does not show buildings once constructed. 
  6. Cycle Rank - Would be nice to able to cycle rank once snap point acquired to allow to see which version will fit. For example building a gatehouse near a deed edge, selecting your rank only to find it won't fit, having to break the link, adjust and then reconnect. Since the rank and the terrain can make the piece jump, reconnecting takes time to align.
  7. Deed Use Failure - Fort Defense Sentry Tower, Fort Defense Gate unable to be used. 
  8. Stronghold Building: Castle Throne Room
    1. Ladder in tower is unusable currently.P7R8Nl8.png
    2. Elevation can cause the steps to have an invisible barring that will require you to jump climb the stairs, this also occurs on wall pieces with stairs.
    3. No Sockets for crafting stations, appears all keeps are this way.
  9. Fort Defense: 
    1. Sloped Wall - Upward and downward are used to describe what side of the fence the catwalk is on, this is confusing until you place them. Upward has catwalk on left of fencing, downward also has catwalk on the left side of fence by default. You can't connect these two pieces and can a solid wall. Recommend you improve the tool tip or the image that represents the shape to help clear the confusion. Or just make the up/down the same piece that you can change the style of to suit your need.3pWU9tQ.jpg
    2. No access to cat walks on Fort Defense pieces with current pieces available as ramps can't be combined to reach all the way to the ground. Ramp Pieces do work but then your left with a section of the wall that touches the ground and you can just jump over it.  
  10. Castle Defenses -
    1. No piece besides ramps allow you to transition from the bottom to the top. However using the ramp closes the path through the bottom.
    2. Looting pieces that contain connected pieces, IE Wall with windows and doors can bug the game, kicking you character off the edge of the map when attempting to place them done again and freezing/crashing the client.
    3. Returning pieces to the account vault retain the properties of the piece as placed preventing stacking. Recommend all pieces returned to the account vault be separated into their individual pieces and default state. This will allow stacking and help prevent the previously mentioned bug. 
    4. Have a wood or stone top to the walls eliminates the ability to add windows, doors, buttresses, so on. While you can see the connection points when placing another wall piece, they do not appear in most cases when placing items that need sockets. 
    5. Castle Wall Panels: Door - Need a stairs option to connect. Terrain is varied and placing the door often times will leave the doorway to high to enter even jumping.
    6.  Terrain will bleed through a structure when placed.lEtPD5L.jpg
    7. Castle Defenses: Wall 2x1 - Title is misleading since it is only a door structure. We need a 2x1 wall piece as well as the door piece.
    8. No doors for doorways beyond the gatehouse that has the built in gate.
    9. Castle Attachable: Rampart and Fence appear to have no place you can attach them, to anything I have anyways.
    10. Castle Attachable: Buttress and Fin - When snapping in, they attach at random angles rather than just straight out as they should.ypxIdYH.jpg
    11. Castle Defense: Octagon Tower - Attaching any Fort Defense wall section a door at the snap point which is accessible from both sides of the wall.oLTCCaY.jpg
    12. Castle Attachable: Rampart - Snap point suggests it can connect to a Fort Defense wall, snaps in position but provides a collision error. This collision makes sense but on the other hand, it would be nice to connect them, see the attached picture.YLNqck3.jpg
    13. After numerous attempts from scratch and iterations, I was never able to make a completed wall around the Keep, came close, but that is as close as it will come. See Picture.uSNIJNW.jpg
  11. Terrain elevation has a huge impact on placement of pieces requiring to use the sloped pieces to follow the terrain. While this is understandable, it feels a bit to restrictive considering the default size of the pieces. 1sZjqGS.jpg
  12. Account Vault - Not strictly EK but also noted that lack of additional filters. Consumables, Resources, so on. Assume this is a feature coming in the future, but figured I should mention it also. The Search Filter does work extremely well in the mean time for resources at least.

I am sure I encountered more that I forgot to write down, but this should be enough for you to chew on for now. My Ek is public so feel free to tour and there are crafting benches in the House.

Your humble tester,

Chief SarcanVjHQpY3.jpg

Full Gallery https://imgur.com/a/fE3rt4G will add more images here as I make them.



Edited by sarcandosa

Plan for tomorrow, Strive for today, Can't let anxiety get in our way, so play play play!
zjsbjmn.png  The MMO Chief

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Additional observations as I continued to try and use all the remaining items in my bank.

1. Any ramp type item can't be extended to actually meet the ground and be used as a ramp due to the elevation placement issue. Note the following images to highlight what I am saying.


2. Additionally you can't build up to terrain to seal the area, the elevation issue prevents that also.



3. There appears to be no way to build a T section with the Fencing, everything snaps straight. We need a way to allow snapped at 90 degrees, 45 degrees would also be nice, to provide more flexibility in building. This does posses the problem of collision with the catwalks. 

4. Making a T with Castle Walls requires you to use a wall end cap which can close your passageways depending on placement.

5. Collision can also be an issue with different types of castle wall tops.1sZjqGS.jpg

6. The Octagon Towers can only be snapped to at the base level and only with wall pieces. Bridge pieces, which would make sense to be able to connect with them, can't. Ended up building a walkway around my gate towers since I couldn't connect to them.KroZAKu.jpg


7. EK pieces count against your total allowed bank space. While I see the reasoning behind this, feel that you should have two bank totals, one EK resources, parcels and structures that is only accessible while in your EK. Then you bank which is everything else, resources, vendors, crafting tables, gear IE what we have now.

8. On the not of banks, I hope that in the future we will be able to organize our banks. I would love to place my wood and ore in an order then it stays. Or have fixed bank locations for resources. Either method works as it helps a craft take stock of what they have and what they need. This is especially important in a game where the type of resource used in a craft affects the stats of the item made. 

Well that will have to be enough with EK's for the time being until I can make or acquire more pieces to play with. Time to dig into crafting.

Your humble tester,

Chief Sarcan


Full Gallery https://imgur.com/a/fE3rt4G will add more images here as I make them.

Plan for tomorrow, Strive for today, Can't let anxiety get in our way, so play play play!
zjsbjmn.png  The MMO Chief

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