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How do you do :)

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Waves to all, I'm a mature gamer that has played most rpg's, really interested in Crowfall though.

Will be playing a Fae caster for preferance, which I am looking forward too, don't mind some light RP, but please don't expect me to listen to a three page description of your hair in the moonlight :P

Will obviously be learning a lot as I'm brand new to the game and I do like to make an efficient caster eg: Nuke and I really like to learn the lore, another thing I'm looking forward too

Will be trying to make friends, maybe join a guild etc. as I love to play as part of a team, I have mobility problems etc. so have a lot of time on my hands and I don't mind spending a bit, but will not be a whale.

Enough about me for the moment I think, ask what you would like to know.

Nice to be here, I have a good feeling about this  :)

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Greetings Bansidhe,

Here are a few helpful guides aimed at our new players.  They should help tide you over until you get your feet wet in-game:

The details may change a little when the much anticipated 5.110 patch drops, but they should still help point you in the right direction.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free.

Welcome to Crowfall.


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Posted (edited)

Ah brilliant, Thank you :)

One thing that occured to me, I bought the cheapest pledge yesterday and was planning on getting the next one tomorrow, if I do, will it take away the first price as in, paying to advance, or are they standalone prices?

It's ok, after some tea and finding my glasses I found the upgrade button :P

Edited by Bansidhe

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