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Should lower levels not have to fight higher levels in PvP?


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  1. 1. Should lower levels not have to fight higher levels in PvP?

    • Yes
    • No

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As an experienced wiz101 pvper, i dont think low lvl should be pair up against high lvl in pvp. Crowfall pvp system should separate them


Exactly.  One reason I don't PvP on Wiz is I went into the arena with my little Myth Level 5 noob -- won the first 5 matches, last of which was like level 27, knocking me up to I forget what rank.  Then they started pairing me up with the top level at that time (I think it was 60 if memory serves) and I didn't stand a freaking chance.  Lost the next five and got knocked back down to private.  I could have seen if as I gained rank, it had tried slightly higher levels against me as it did at first, maybe a level 40 or something, same rank, but it started pitting me against level 60's with ranks higher than my own.  Decided the system wasn't fair and haven't been back since.


They did say they are tired of the current MMOs, and are aiming for a sandbox game. I doubt they will have straight-up levels.


Yeah but they said something that is neither amusement park or sandbox.  I am curious as to what that will turn out to be.

Not quite carebear, but sort of cousin to,

meh, grumpy old lady...

Never underestimate grumpy old ladies.

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Here's a thought: A skilled new player should always have a fighting chance. No free meals just because I was there first.   Sure, that means I have to work to sate my bloodlust, but the rewards are

Your poll is worded funny, I'm scared to vote     KILL EVERYONE

Levels!? Don't talk about Levels! Levels? Are you kidding me?  I'm just hoping we get to play a game.

Why should there be consequences... what a wonderful question. They have stated a wish to make a niche game, but would that be too niche? Would they only have a few rough-and-tumble players who truly could stomach a consequence-less game? Would you keep logging in if you knew there were only a handful of you left? Would you keep logging in if there were millions of players who wanted no consequences and you couldn't take a step without being killed? So wide open, hard to think of all the outcomes...


Another question. Flip it around. Why shouldn't there be consequences? Why shouldn't murder be treated in a game as it is IRL? We are the same people, should we not still abhor the senselessness of murder? Should we instead encourage it? Would you keep logging in to a game where stepping on a toe gets you mobbed by an army of "police" players intent on saving the innocent? Would you keep logging in to a game if you were the peacekeeper, charged with keeping order, at all costs? Would you still log into a game where you were part of a criminal underground that had to be constantly on the run to keep the "good" players from finding and slaughtering you for your actions?




Maybe it's just me, but I thought the entire point of these games was to slaughter people?  I mean, if it's not, then what are we doing?  Picking daisies? 


I voted, but due to the wording of the poll question, I'm not quite sure what I ended up voting for. 


From my experience, having level caps, having rank caps, having this and that cap always ends up in things having to be redone as the game goes along, and things getting really messed up to the point of not being any fun at all. 


If I go in to a game knowing it's open season, that around any corner I might find my death, that is a heck of a lot more exciting than sitting around in my strawberry fields, petting my unicorn, and eating the Skittles that shoot out of its backside.


I've been in games that only allowed levels to play certain levels...it always, always, always runs in to problems, and the whole thing starts to die out.  Let it be a free for all.


For noobs...isn't that what guilds are for?  You've got people teaching you the ropes, and who have your back.  Yeah, you are going to get killed.  A lot.  You can either handle it, or you can go find a simple game, like Majhong. 


It's funny, I'm not even what some would deem a "hardcore" player, but I'm so bored of the "skip together down the trail singing songs" type games, that I'm blood thirsty now.  I expect, fully, to be killed hundreds and hundreds of times.  You know what?  At least it will be interesting, and frankly, a lot more fun than what I'm doing now.

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I agree with having  the safe zones and other places to level freely. Like a starting location. But after that Its free game Play To Crush. MrDlcknose out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a few safezones might be sensible, but arbitrary restrictions beyond that like lvl 60 cant kill lvl 1 sounds against the spirit of what this game is trying to capture given the description 

no safezones ever.

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There shouldn't be any "levels". Just stats that you can level up by performing their respective actions.

And there should be no pampering of noobs at the beginning; escalation of character progression will fuel PvP, because if you don't progress your character you'll continue to be at a disadvantage in the open world.

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The best part about playing the Asheron's Call Darktide server was getting to level 27 or so and then slaughtering a horde of low level red dots in Holtburg or Shoushi. Ultimately you would find yourself battling someone of a similar level over the right to cull newbies. So I voted no.


But it is a poorly worded question.

MaT its been a while since I was reminded of A/C pvp good times there besides farming olthoi lol

Edited by washuu
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One time on Corruption me crew defended a tree with all lvl 1 chars.  20+ of em.  We lost tha bane boyos.  Perhaps in this new land me crew can find salvation.

ah another from Corruption :) tho I don't remember a crew doing a bunch of lvl 1's at a bane :(  but  TSB I do remember on the map oi so many moons ago great times on Corruption with a fresh start coming from Dread. ahhh the good ol days B)

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The truth is.. If you can't kill low level characters you will never feel the sensation of growing and become more powerfull. In the same way,can be really frustrating for the newbies. But every low character sooner or later grow in power and the high characters can't loosing power (or maybe they can? That will be awesome! * *) so.. the ex lowe character,now strong can resolve their frustration on lower character and the world keep spinning. So..


Let's kill all the newbies and steal their stuff!  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

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3 - 5 months into the game like 95% of main characters will be capped out, so this thread is not really important.  Besides, low level characters being unkillable by higher levels is highly exploitable, for example you could just run around and spy on a group lvl 50s with a a level 20 character and they wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. You could also run in into somebody's hourse and lay on their bed and eat their food, with them just standing looking at you and crying helplessly. Assuming they do not have a low lvl pvp mule for situations like that.

Edited by rajah
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Invalid question. If this is a level based game I will not play. And I mean general levels like in WoW. Individual activities can have skills, as well as combat types (archery, magic, sword play)

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.

- Nietzsche

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Safe hold till your 10 or 20 depends on the game

And im with letting people pvp lower lvls, sometimes tables turn and its the higher lvl who gets owned by the newbies

"No Fear! No Pity! NO REMORSE!"


TheHateCrew- core member

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Yea, let's turn this game into another casual carebear game. Of course you should be able to PvP everyone. Do you think that in the dark age people were like "Oh look, he has lower armor than me, i better leave him alone"?

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All the ones that say "oh let me level in peace then play2crush" are the ones that always get crushed anyways. I want this to be like Darkfall either you are a wolf or you have quit the game.

That might be possible if you were ready to pay like 200 a month to keep playing.

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