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Should lower levels not have to fight higher levels in PvP?


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  1. 1. Should lower levels not have to fight higher levels in PvP?

    • Yes
    • No

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Give the noob a legitimate chance to protect and defend themselves and occasionally be able to catch a vet with his/her pants down. I imagine bringing down a vet as a noob will be extremely satisfying. 


But have levels even been confirmed, I mean there is character progression obviously but still.

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Here's a thought: A skilled new player should always have a fighting chance. No free meals just because I was there first.   Sure, that means I have to work to sate my bloodlust, but the rewards are

Your poll is worded funny, I'm scared to vote     KILL EVERYONE

Levels!? Don't talk about Levels! Levels? Are you kidding me?  I'm just hoping we get to play a game.

How would this even be measured considering there are no levels in Crowfall?  Measuring weapon skills?  Measuring some sort of item score?  Based on my understanding of things in Crowfall is that it is more (player) skill based than anything else.  So it is more of a matter of you sucking versus not sucking versus another player.

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I REALLY, like REALLY hope levels don't mean as much in crowfall... As they do in other games.


Levels will give you access to more abilities but they aren't necessarily "better" (my hope)

Getting levels is some PVE carebear "stuff" that shouldn't factor into a PvP fight

Just my 2 cents tho


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Should high levels not be allowed to kill people 10 or so levels below them or should every just kill everyone! :D

not a fan of caping levels to make it "fair" just go level up in a safezone, war is never fair!

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I think the real question is should a player with a higher level have an advantage over a lower level player like traditional mmorpgs? I am conflicted with this kind of question.


Sometimes it is nice to be just more powerful because you are a higher level howver sometimes its unfair to get killed by someone who has a higher level just because his level is higher.


In an ideal world a game like this is about PVP and balance .


Lvl 100 vs a lvl 2. Both should have a chance of winning because its skill based,




Lvl 100 vs a lvl 2. Level 2 is squished instantly because the Lvl 100 is ... lvl 100...



I think skill makes more sense, not levels and better gear.


If someone has enough skill, someone with crap gear could still beat someone with better gear, but in rpg type games this doesn't work because a crap sword might do 10 damage while the better sword does 80 dmg. There for the guy with the better gear will usually always win, regardless of skill. 



I 100% agree with Skill>Gear>Level type system.



Skill should be 90% of everything and by skill I mean a players ability to interact with the game to produce the desired outcome. Not Dexterity skill or Swordmanship skills.


Gear should have some affect on combat and other gameplay features but not so much that someone with better gear is just straught better because the gear is better.


Levels should unlock abilities, cusomization options, variety in tools, weapons and gear as well as perhaps give people noticable changes so other players can see ooo look that guy has been playing for 2 years now. I can tell by his *insert cool idea*.



Edited by Deadlyapples


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I like the idea of levels, it gives a nice sense of progression. Should PvP be barred against low level players? Hell no.


Deadlyapples is right though, on one hand it would be nice if gear stats/levels were normalized but then that sucks for the person who's spent ages working on his gear to get badly beaten by someone with, comparably, much worse equipment.


I'd like too see some sort of gear scaling that isn't completely normalized. Maybe instead of having a definite average gear level there could be a range, so instead of levels 1 - 100 being normalized to level 50, you'd have it scaled to 45 - 55. So the gear stats are different, appeasing the people with nice gear. But not so much that you're going to get absolutely stomped going up against someone 40 levels higher than you.


Just my two cents.


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The poll is confusing, so I didn't vote.

There will be no character levels. There will be skill levels. It's not the same thing. Skills don't increase your stats(I think), so you get better in only 1 thing, like crafting or fighting with a sword. How do you determine someones level? Sum of skills? What if higher level skills rank up slower? How much do skills really give you? Will someone with 100 in polearms deal 3x more damage than someone with 30? That system is too complicated to know "who is stronger" at first glance. Too many variables.

I say kill everyone, everywhere!

But I wouldn't mind "noob campaigns" for new players (1 month or less in the game). After that everyone's fair game!

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