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trailblazer vs trailmaster

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so in test the centaur has a plus 15 percent out of combat movement speed bonus  with trailblazer. but the elken has a 25 percent movement speed bonus out of combat with trailmaster. does this mean the elken is faster or is the base movement speed different. seems like an incorrect tooltip or typo

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Posted (edited)

Trailblazer / trailmaster are not usable in combat (Including if you've recently spent dodge pips as I've tested on the test server) and also don't stack with being mounted. Centaurs logically should have the best movement in the game, and IMO they do. Why they no longer have trail master they cannot be dismounted by damage now.

I started the game wanting to play a Centaur cleric and TB/TM were so circumstantial that once I learned what they did I immediately rerolled a new race because I was like "So if I don't get the bonus in combat, and I don't get the bonus while mounted, precisely how often will I actually be using this bonus???".

I feel like that bonus is WAY less circumstantial than TB/TM. A worthwhile trade. Not probably strong enough to make me want to play a Centaur Cleric over some of the other race options, but definitely stronger than than a bonus that won't stack with your current movement style 90% of the time.

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