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Suggestion and accounts issuses.

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At first, sorry for missposting, but cant post in other topics. I'm player from ru-region, so i bought Crowfall in 4game. But 4game forum havent connect with Crowfall forum and team (as I can see). Also 4game account dont work on this site, so i had to create new account, without buying new Crowfall copy. That's why I can post only here.
Ok, now to suggestion. After few weeks of playing and connecting with other players, I have a lot of ideas, but most of all are like "make katananas, uhd textures and dragongirls". But one of them worth going through this thing with accounts (in my opinion).
New skills system. Skills + magic. Today you can up ur current class + 2 additional ways you choose with runes. It is variaty, but it's kinda narrow compared to crafting system. I hope at release there would be more than 5 types of ores and really greate choose what to craft. Same needed to be done with skills. What if make main skills like main skills and two additionals is a magic, that are combining into a different skills. 
For example, duelist with pistol. He will have skill "great shot", that deal 200%dmg. I get fire rune as first add. One of its skills - "instant fire enchant". It enchansce next first skill or attack with fire - +%dmg, +% of magic&rune, +%fire dot stats. So using "instant fire enchant" and than "great shot" makes more dmg than simple "great shot" and do additional fire dot.
Ok, now i get earth rune as second additional. And it have skill "timely earth enchant" it's like instant, but works 10seconds on all attacks and skills, but have less power. Do +dmg, +dmg from magic&rune (not %), +small chance to stun.
And what if we use "timely earth enchant" + "instant fire enchant" + "great shot"? Here comes real magic of chooses. We got "great shot" with magma element! It do small fire dot instead of normile fire dot + guaranted slow on enemy instead of chance to stun. 
What if we use magician instead of duelist? Make him unable to work without this additional runes, give him weak arkana element at first and third slod for more combinations. Some "arcana bolt" or "fire bolt", for example. If shield skill? Earth element make shirld stronger, fire - reflect some meele dmg, wind - chance to evade. Heal? Fire gives "rage" buff, wind - more heal, water gives additional hot. Etc.
Thats wery hard thing and probably lots of mistakes, but I hope developers would even see this topic and at least say me "woah man sorry nope"

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