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Blackguard 5.11 testserver


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Had chance to level Blackguard Assassin on the test over the weekend! And wow did it feel like i had 2 rubber chicken for the weapons haha 

-The stealth mechanic fells about the same as it was and yes your on timer to live the combat to re-stealth not bat over all!

-Overall graphics look like you are watching a cartoon and flat like grass and Fae wings

-Ow ye a big thank you to who ever though copying mob level system from other games where you can't even do any damage too when there is level gap! Makes this games fell like a cheap 

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Stealth Class Feedback.

Stealth in general : A character is are unable to enter stealth when, 

  • you have a DoT on a target, unless you use your Ulti.  
  • there is a DoT on you, using your Ulti, will still put you "In Combat" if the DoT outlast the timeframe of your "Invulnerability" - which makes a whole lot more sense.  

When taking certain abilities and skills/disciplines into account this has a rather large domino effect.  Which ultimately spells a large change for especially the assassin.

Example I - Blackguard


An assassin approaches from stealth.

Use "Spirit Dart".
Follow up with "Backstab", and is taken into "In Combat".
Since there is a Toxin on your target you then go for a "Diffusion". 
Completing a good rotation and a big opener.

-Not- possible anymore since the application of "Spirit Dart" takes you "In Combat", making you choose to either use "Spirit Dart" or "Backstab".  

Example II - Agent Provocateur





Stink Bomb : 

Place a "Moderate Corruption" on your target - "In Combat".  

Put shortly… 

There are other examples, but the stealth mechanic isn't intuitive and far from providing the "feel" of a stealthy class with hit and run mechanics.

Note - Toxins : 
-Only Craftable by Assassins, goating players into having an Assassin crafter alt?  This should be able to be crafted by -anyone- with the prober skill.

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While i agree assassin is in a poor state. I keep reading posts like these and they are just wasted energy for the time being. I would hold any input/feedback until some actual balances passes have been made and ACE is seeking the feedback for balancing. Even theory crafting at this time is just a waste because who knows how differently all of these will play in the future.


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