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[GUILD VS GUILD] Clam Stacking Casuals: Balanced Chaos

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Courtesy of Bzra

Wealth.  Glory.  Power.  These are the virtues with which Crows are judged by the Gods.  If you become a Clam Stacking Casual I can absolutely, without a doubt, guarantee you can achieve at least maybe one of those things, possibly per season based on a ranked scoring list.  If you were to stack upon the ranks, what would you become a part of?  Kind words from other guilds will be the testament to our achievements in just one year of playing Crowfall, starting from a tiny 2 person team and growing up to a mid-sized guild of 30 now in 2020.

1. The most dangerous speedbump to the undefeated Winterblades and House of Avari alliance in the Trial of the Gods era of pre-alpha.

2. Also, Winterblades bitches.

3. The home of Dern, 2020's hottest Crowfall poorly made dergsposter.

We are a fun-having, if competitive-minded guild looking for similar minded players gearing up for the Guild vs Guild campaigns.  Have a good time, but play hard and play smart.  We accept completely new players to Crowfall -- experience is nice but the correct mindset to improve and play competitively is what matters.

The Clams are currently focused on the TEST server right now, as that is where the majority of the action will be for now.  If you are interested, please stop by our discord and hang out!: https://discord.gg/dMuEvut

Here are some fun videos from the Trial of the Gods campaigns in 2019!:





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Posted (edited)

As a bonus, my favorite image to come out of our time is thanks to YumX, leader of Vanguard, an EU guild that comes to crash NA campaigns on the regular:





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