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New Tester recommendations QoL

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New tester/player on test server. After starting to play and a getting to lvl 7 I have a few things to bring up already, some are huge issues as a player, some are QoL things

1. Looting is horrible in this game, There is no reason to force me to open a loot window, select everything individually and have 1/2 my screen open with an oversized window of my inventory. I would suggest either an auto loot all option, or better make it like gather nodes where it can be ran over to be picked up.

2. UI sizing? How does a game in 2020 not have an option in settings to make every UI size smaller. Everything except the info box on the top left and the text box is 100-200% over sized.

3. I know optimization is not a big thing in alpha test, but I have a top 3% power machine and on the starting island am seeing 14fps at max everything, NO GAME I play is under 60-90fps, your graphics are not that great yet I see this bad of a drop.

4. Gathering tools seem to reduce and break to fast, lower levels ones

5. Opening several shops had the screens so far left that I couldn't see the first column

6. Camera distance seems way to tight, even scrolled all the way out, would like to be 2x the distance we see now

7. Not sure why I get all these upgrade stones at my level , but when I go to the I tab where the minor ones can be placed they are all locked with no info on when/how to unlock them. Either I am missing something with how to unlock the ability slots or there is no reason to have them drop this low level.

I'll keep adding more observations but these were first things I noticed.


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This is a really good post, I totally agree with making mob looting into doobers on the ground, like everything else. They already have the tech, in the thralls. I don't care if it's hammers and poorly made dergs, just have it pop a little white, green, blue, purple, or orange blooop.

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