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Mob Chiefs and Kings and advanced crafting items

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I am seeing that some of the special crafting gear is available on the TEST server for sale through player vendors.  I was curious what drops them -chisel, auger, glasses etc.  I also have not seen any mobs titled higher than Elite and if anyone has had luck finding them in Gods Reach if they are available.  I suspect if so, they may be linked to the new random spawn mechanics.

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it seems like there are spawns for "ancient" animals and they might drop that. i guess it is farmed on a respawntimer that used to be somewhat up to 4 hrs. i tried really hard to find that, in the end the prices dropped and i gave up on it. guess it is not intended that those mobs spawn in gods reach. Hungershards and Wartribe bosses used to have those in the lootttable, which are also not spawning in gods reach.

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