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The Chronologically impaired state of KS MMOs


The Chronologically impaired state of KS MMOs (poll)  

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  1. 1. Which game will be cancelled before release (don't think you can vote for more than one)?

    • Crowfall (5 years development)
    • Star Citizen (7 years development)
    • Camelot Unchained (7 years development)

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Which game will be cancelled before release?  Which game will release but fail quickly?  Which game do you think will be successful?

Crowfall (5 years development)

Star Citizen (7 years development)

Camelot Unchained (7 years development)

Personally, I think SC and CU are both probably vapor.  CF will probably come out, but not soon, and I can't really speculate how it will be received.  I spent a bit of money on CF and CU, but not that much.  I know some people spent hundreds/thousands.  Perhaps, an expensive lesson learned (lets hope not).  

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CU raised some real big glaring flags some time ago with some really sketchy moves. Plus the lack of any gameplay footage since it started always struck me as suspicious.

Star Citizen is a bit of an oddball. The game's idea is so darn interesting I don't see it not releasing. Maybe it wont be Star Citizen proper and be a spiritual sucessor or something after it crashes and burn and someone pick the pieces, but I really think a game like that being released would be akin to printing money. Just look at how much money it has made so far, it is clear it can be mind boggling sucessful.

CF... I dont think it has any chance of not being released. At this point they have put so much effort on it that if it turns out it was all a hoax I wouldn't even get mad. That would be some serious effort in their part. The point is what you define as sucessful? A healthy small-ish playerbase? Totally doable. We still have (long) ways to go, but I at least can see the game underneath all the bugs and broken mechanics.

I do think tho getting it just right for release might take longer than most are expecting. I really hope we dont underestimate the impact some not-great parts can have on the logevity of this game. Gotta remember most people dont give games a second chance unless it is a crazy comeback a la No Man's Sky. And I dont think CF is mainstream enough to be able to do the same.

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Star Citizen Kickstarter started in late 2012, development in 2011 (so it's 8-9 years). Crowfall KS started in early 2015, development about half year before (so it's 5-6 years).

I don't know the dates of CU, never cared for it due to their closed-door communication policy. If I don't see something, how should I see anything I could put trust in.

I have no doubt about SC and CF releasing eventually. Wether people will be happy and how successfull they will be and how long, that remains to be seen. CU, as I said, I don't know, I don't care.

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Star Citizen is vaporware? Star Citizen has a more compelling live service than Crowfall. Have you actually played the current SC alpha? It has more features and content than some officially launched games. Has it fulfilled everything they say it will launch with and provide? Definitely no, but then their projected list and scope is way more massive and compelling than anything else I've ever see.

Camelot Unchained will launch but not many people will care. However, City State Entertainment will make tons of money licensing their custom game engine though.

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Makes no sense not to release anything at this point. People will play and spend money on anything.

As a DAoC/WAR fan I hope CU turns out well but it has a long way to go. The engine alone will make them money but if they get half their design concepts to work, could still be a decent game.

SC will continue to make money and people will eat it up because what else out there is close to what they are trying?

CF will launch eventually but no clue how it will do.

Ashes of Creation seems like the most likely to have some success in the MMO market. BDO is doing well and AoC seems like the Western version in several ways. Good blend of PVE/PVP and enough modern features to get people to take a look. Funny (or sad?) that they hired a bunch of SOE/Daybreak devs and are doing good work when SOE/DB has been doing so poorly for so long. Doesn't seem like it was the devs holding back the company.



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Star citizen wont be cancelled, because it doesnt need to. They made enough money to keep working on that game for like 20 years.  And they are still actively making good money. It runs poorly right now but getting more accessible every year with better hardware.

Crowfall is what im really worried about, progress is oddly slow. I make more progress on my own indie game when I have enough free time. 

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Star Citizen will never be cancelled. If CGI goes under they will sell the rights to another company that will tie up whatever they are doing iron out the bugs and release as is. That's precisely what happened when Chris Roberts ran out of budget on Freelancer. A bunch of that stuff planned for that game was cancelled because it got sold to Microsoft (And it was still probably the best online game of it's time IMO).

I don't even think that will happen though. As Eren stated they are making plenty of money. Some people are getting weary but the stuff they have playable right now is actually quite amazing. There's no reason not to be playing it, if your rig can handle it. Other than enjoying other unmentioned fantasy sandbox PvP games better.

Crowfall is the closest to an actual release. Really the core of the game is already there it's just incredibly rough and needs a lot of refinement. The dregs as they are now is the game I'd hope to be playing some day minus a lot of patching, balancing, a few more graphical assets and that voxel tech we were promised (No worries, I'm not still waiting on that). Where are our promised werewolves and confessor goatees!?!?! On the other hand I feel like if this were to go under they'd have a much harder time selling their existing assets. So if there are some money problems behind the scenes we as the community are not aware of there is the possibility one day AC could be like "It's been fun but we ran out of money." I don't think that will happen but not going to dismiss the possibility. I feel like they'd come to the community before that happened though. I haven't reached my personal limit of what I'd but into this game if it meant the difference between it releasing or not-releasing now that I've actually played it (WTB WW bite and a confessor goatee!). I was conservative in the original KS because I had just gotten through waiting for a game that was clearly trash when it went to alpha. I was actually referred to CF by someone else who was not optimistic on the future outlook of the same game.

Crowfall has a lot of evidence of quality and great design its system. There never has been and probably never will be another game that plays quite like Crowfall, and I think it's core concepts are fun. Since the day I joined the testing there's been many features I could point to and say "they did a good job on that." That's what the other game lacked that caused me to sell all my accounts while there were still people willing to buy them. It felt like a watered down version of every other fantasy sandbox I'd ever played with no clear features I could point to and say it did better than Darkfall or Wurm or anything really. Just sky high promises they never ended up delivering on.

CU wasn't cancelled already? Huh. I thought I heard it had been. It certainly has very little fanfare these days for a game hoping to go anywhere.

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16 hours ago, Andius said:

On the other hand I feel like if this were to go under they'd have a much harder time selling their existing assets. 

I agree they will release something, would be very hard to promote their artisan engine and other game if they just give up on this one.

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