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Sorta Sunny [SUN] Recruiting


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Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sorta Sunny!

Introduction and Goals:

Sorta Sunny is a brand new NA based guild looking to be a small group of talented players looking for organized small group shenanigans! The goal is to operate on a mercenary sort of fantasy using specialized groups to turn the tides of battles at the exact right moments. We will be a fun group who loves to crush the enemies we face but have a relatively relaxed atmosphere and attitude. We will be trying all sorts of fun stuff and be looking to really make an impact on campaign worlds that we are a part of! Whether it is ambushing an enemy backline from stealth, setting up traps along caravan routes, or flanking into a fight down the side of a mountain Sorta Sunny will be looking to make some epic moments happen and have a laugh doing it!

What Sorta Sunny Is Looking For:

The guild is looking for any talented players that want to be a part of a smaller group of people. I have no ambition to be a massive 300 person guild but do strive to foster a fun and relaxed small group. The guild will hopefully reach in the 20-25 member range, with a goal of getting a stable group of 10 players to start crushing!

  • If you've had success in other games, MMO's or FPS or MOBAs or any other game, let us know! We're really looking for those players that have skills but don't necessarily want to go super hardcore.
  • If you are looking for small scale activities most of the time and a unique siege experience then come say hi!
  • I don't plan on taking any crafters at the moment. The plan will be to go gathering/combat on our accounts, utilizing our contracted allies or outside freelancers to craft gear with the resources we obtain. However, if you really wanna craft and still be part of the group...sure why not. Who am I to tell you what you can't do when it comes to that.

What You Can Expect:

  • Small scale roaming, gathering, and objective PvP.
  • Having a good time shooting the breeze.
  • Specialized group compositions to affect major fights in the most impactful way possible.
  • Unique assignments garnered through mercenary contracts.
  • Uh...I don't know, pictures of my puppy?

If You Are Interested:

  1. Come join the discord and say hi! https://discord.gg/A9ZNmyb
  2. Either shoot me a message here on the forums or on discord: IAi#4828

Thanks for reading through this recruitment post! I really hope you consider joining the group and I certainly look forward to getting to know any of you who do look to join! For every other guild in the community, I want to say hi from my little Crowfall project Sorta Sunny to you! I cannot wait to get into game with some awesome people and put this gameplay fantasy to action. If there was ever a game for a little group like this, Crowfall is the game! Thanks again and hope all is well with everyone ❤️

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