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Parcel Cost Overview - Alpha 5.110 (April 2020)


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The recent 5.110 Update included some significant changes to stonemasonry, especially regarding geomancy and the costs of parcels. For those who don't want to do the research and math on themselves, here is the overview.

What are the most basic changes

  • New parcels have been added, like the Grassland & Estate & Caldera parcel, completing the list of parcels types to what had been shown in the initial Kickstarter concept and beyond.
  • The costs have been increased significantly, reflecting (and showing) the Support Number of the individual parcel more consistantly.
  • Quite large amounts of Gold has been added to the recipe ingredients, called a tax amount.

What are the current costs

The parcels are listed in the left column, their costs to be found in the lines. As you can see, usually one or more smaller parcels are the basic ingredient of a larger parcel (as before).

The Needed Raw Materials column show the number of Gold and Non-Basic Stone/Wood/Ore you would need to harvest, if you would build the parcel completely from scratch, without having any smaller parcels you could use to build a larger one. Just substract the number of resources you would need to build the parcels/s you already own, to see what you really need to build something bigger.

The last colums on the right side sho how many Gold and overall Non-Basic Resources you need (to craft the parcel from scratch) and the calculated Support Number and Maximum Harvesting Time.


SN: A hypothetical and unofficial number, I like to refer to as Support Number. In 2015 I calculated a "most likely intended main citizen number" out of the initial parcel descriptions (like "place for one medium village and a few shops") and the parcel/stronghold prices. The base assumption behind this number is that this is the amount of players (main citizens) that is meant and usually needed to be able to build and maintain a stronghold or piece of land of the according size, and being big enough to support the needs of a group of this size.
The 5.110 costs of a parcel increases linear to the SN, basically meaning that any guild can build a parcel that fits it's sizes needs, without having to harvest more resources "per member". So, though it is not an official number, it's highly plausible and should be usable.

MHT: Also a hypothetical and unofficial number, which I like to refer to as the Maximum Harvesting Time, counted in hours. This number bases on the amount of Non-Basic Resources an unskilled low-level player may harvest alone and without haste (but dedicated) in God's Reach on rank 1-3 resources with basic harvesting tools while crafting new tools on the run by also harvested knotwood. My last tests in 5.110 showed that this equals about 360 NB Resources in one hour. Of course, with using caravans, being skilled, working in groups, etc. this number can be decreased dramatically. A highly skilled harvester can get about 5-10 times the resources within the same time and additionally caravans will provide a yet incalulable factor. But, this is the base, the absolut maximum.

Have fun, good luck

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It should be pointed out that Backer Reward parcels can no longer be combined with other parcels. The test parcels we get say as much in the tooltip, and I have tried to add them to the existing recipes, but no luck. There are supposed to be another set of recipes specifically for backer reward parcels, but I didn't see them on the stonemasonry table, either in GR or in my EK. 

The tooltips also indicate that these are tax free parcels, which is probably why they can't be combined with other parcels. I'm hoping that the recipes for upgrading backer parcels only require soil and other non-parcel components. If it requires 2 city parcels to make a capital parcel, and I only have 1 backer city parcel, I'm going to be out of luck, since afaik, there's no way to obtain more backer parcels. 

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