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Crowfall Warstory: Pilot for 12 Episode Series


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Hi my fellow Crows,

this time I approach with something quite differently:


I managed to get a professional screenwriter to write me a movie script for the pilot episode (about 20 minutes, when done) of a 12 series long Season of a crowfall story. Each episode will introduce a race and tell an epic tale of those characters that get involved in the the War of the Gods.

I order to make the most out of this project I need your help. This can only happen as a community project.

I need help with the following roles:

  • Ingame character to play out the scenes ingame
  • Voice actors to record the voices for the dialogues
  • Fanart of any kind (pictures, animations) to convey messages that can't be told by ingame tools.
  • Music 
  • Anybody who has experience with acting, movie production or shooting raw material

I have a concept and a screenplay. Get in touch with me if you are interessted: [KDS]CrusaderW#7129


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